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New Report Outlines Methods for Marketing a Local Pharmacy Online

American Fork, Utah, United States, June 16 2020 Published via (Wiredrelease) — There’s an old saying, “if you build it, they will come.” Although this may be true in some situations, you shouldn’t depend on it when it comes to getting new customers to your pharmacy. Opening your doors and implementing innovative programs is only half the battle of pharmacy ownership. If you want new customers, you need to be proactive in getting them to your store.

Marketing is an important aspect of operating a successful business, but you may be reluctant to market your independent pharmacy. Maybe it’s because you don’t want to spend money on marketing, or you don’t know how to get started. Regardless, it’s essential that you overcome any obstacles so you can compete with the national chains and mail-order pharmacies.

Learning how to effectively market your pharmacy is a process, and it’s not something that will happen overnight. It takes a bit of trial and error while you figure out which tactics will resonate with your customers and prospects. However, you shouldn’t be discouraged when something doesn’t work the way you anticipated. Instead, learn from the situation and try something different.

Market your pharmacy to new customers by identifying target audiences for this marketing effort. Consider placing advertising in nursing homes, doctors’ offices, human resources departments for large companies and neighboring businesses and health-related organizations. Advertising can alert new customers to the pharmacy’s special offerings. For example, consider incorporating a private “consultation room” for discussing sensitive pharmaceutical concerns with patients and then advertising this offering via newspaper, radio or other advertising platform.

Print Advertising

You may have tried independent pharmacy advertising in the past and failed to see a return. The problem may not have been with the idea of advertising for your pharmacy but with where you placed your advertisement. While newspapers and similar print materials may seem logical, they aren’t targeted enough. Instead, put your advertisements up on community boards or other areas you know your ideal customer will see them, or send your pharmacy marketing materials directly to your target customers.

Online Advertising

The rules for independent pharmacy advertising online are the same as they are for print advertising. Don’t pay for broad advertisements. Instead, spend money on Google Adwords or Facebook Ads which can be targeted specifically by interests, searches and – most importantly – geographic location. Test your pharmacy ads samples with small investments first and tweak them until they are giving you the return you’re looking for.

Direct Mail and Email Marketing

Once you’ve collected a customer’s email or address, don’t be shy about sending them pharmacy marketing materials if they will find them valuable. Avoid simply touting the benefits of your independent pharmacy and instead reserve communications for when you want to let them know about valuable and innovative pharmacy ideas like special events or information.

To engage in these avenues of advertising, you will need a team to create your marketing materials. Using a business like Flocksy to do this can save you time and money. They form creative teams of web developers, copywriters, and graphic designers to create your marketing materials for one, flat monthly rate. They’re quick, too; often finishing projects within 24 hours. Whether you outsource your marketing design or complete it in-house, the importance of good graphic design cannot be overstated.

In a recent Flocksy blog post, they state, “Graphic design is crucial to marketing efforts. Designers create the visual presence that helps brands connect with their audiences. Everything from emails to social media needs custom, branded design. Each piece must be carefully cued into its intended platform and audience. Now that marketing has expanded into the digital sphere, there is high demand for graphic designers, crossing all forms of media.”

All pharmacies offer essentially the same service — the filling of prescriptions and the sale of medicines. In order to compete successfully, you need to take steps to make your pharmacy stand out from the crowd. Plus, as a bricks-and-mortar pharmacy, you might need to compete with mail-order pharmacies, big chains and other local, independent pharmacies. In order to do this, you need to develop a coordinated strategy, a policy for sustaining relationships with patients and doctors, and a marketing approach that suits your area and your customers.

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