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Treatment Center Releases the Common Problems In Early Recovery

American Fork, Utah, United States, June 16 2020 (Wiredrelease) Tork Media LLC — Whether you have battled an addiction to alcohol or drugs, you know the various struggles that go along with breaking this destructive habit and moving forward with your recovery. For many people, the hardest part of recovery is the early stages. Since new habits have not yet been formed, different obstacles can present themselves and be quite challenging to overcome. However, while there may be numerous problems along the way, the good news is that there are also solutions to these problems. As for which problems are most common, here are a few you are most likely to encounter.

Withdrawal Symptoms

When you give up alcohol or drugs, it will be a big adjustment physically and emotionally for you during the early stages of recovery. For example, since your body is essentially trying to reset itself, you may find yourself suffering from physical symptoms such as muscle aches and pains and nausea. As for the emotional and mental aspects, don’t be surprised if you have insomnia, problems concentrating, and irritability.

Life Becomes a Rollercoaster

While you may enjoy riding a rollercoaster when you visit an amusement park, chances are you won’t enjoy the rollercoaster ride you will be on during the early stages of your recovery from addiction. Since you have likely used alcohol or drugs to help numb your emotional pain over the past few months or years, not having it as part of your life will find you having days when your emotions are very intense, while other days may have you feeling somewhat somber. Yet through it all, the support and encouragement you receive from family and friends will make the rollercoaster ride more bearable.

Anxiety Issues

Since you will be trying to start a new way of life for yourself, you may find yourself feeling very unsure about what the future holds regarding sobriety. Because of this, expect to experience anxiety issues as you find your way out of addiction. Whether you feel this way while at your job or with family and friends, learning relaxation techniques such as meditation or yoga may help you make the transition from addiction to recovery.


For many people who start on the road to recovery, boredom is one of their biggest problems. Whereas before drinking or getting high was your main hobby and way of life, going sober now finds you having plenty of free time on your hands. Since you are not hanging out with friends who have chosen to continue partying and getting drunk or high, you’ll need to find new and better ways to spend your time as you recover from addiction. To do so, you may want to take an online class, join a social group, or find another hobby that will give you pleasure and peace of mind.

Regret and Guilt

For many addicts who begin recovery, one of the biggest problems they experience early on is feeling regret and guilt not only for what they may have missed out on in their own lives, but also the pain they put family and friends through during their addiction struggles. This can be a critical part of your recovery process, since these feelings sometimes lead to a relapse. To keep this from happening, it is often recommended you take part in a 12-step program. By doing so, you can spend time not only thinking about your past actions and words, but also in making amends to those you may have hurt along the way.

The Fear of Relapse

Finally, virtually all addicts early on in their recovery struggle with the fear they might suffer a relapse. A very common part of early recovery, it is not something you should allow yourself to dwell on day after day. Instead, it is best if you surround yourself with friends and family who will provide encouragement and inspiration on your road to recovery. For many people, religion becomes an important part of their lives to help regain self-confidence and peace of mind.

While you will experience these and other issues in early recovery, knowing the wonderful possibilities that lay ahead of you will give you the physical and emotional strength needed to overcome any obstacles you encounter.

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