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Advanced Immunity Review: Immu52HD Natural Immune System Booster Ingredients

Homewood IL, United States, June 17 2020 (Wiredrelease) Marketing by Kevin, LLC. — Advanced Immunity, full of essential vitamins and nutrients to provide a custom blended formula and a health-boosting supplement for the immune system, supports and defends the microbiome against bacteria and viruses. While it is no substitute for a visit to a doctor while sick, it is helpful in defending the body from becoming ill when exposed to the germs from all around the world. Found at the website, Advanced Immunity is an immune system booster that keys in on how to deactivate bacteria and viruses to render their power useless.

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Let’s review the Immu52HD Advanced Immunity supplement and research whether or not the multi-system immune system boosting approach is the real deal due to a custom formulated immunity booster that features garlic and turmeric along with essential vitamins and minerals using only 100% pure ingredients.

What is Advanced Immunity?

Advanced Immunity Immu52HD supplement intends to bring mother nature to the rescue in supplemental form. The basis of the Advanced Immunity immune system booster supplement is to provide year-around support given the secret the longest-living doctor exposed about immunity.

Millions of bacteria live inside the body at any given time, but its not considered all bad bacteria. The bacteria is influenced by many factors, but a healthy body uses these good bacteria to keep balance in the microbiome. Unfortunately, the body is consistently exposed to outside bad bacteria that can disrupt this delicate balance. Whether it is a kiss or a menu at a restaurant, every touch and breath can expose an individual to germs and these bad bacteria that their body is unfamiliar with and then begin the process of disruption in the body’s system.

Most of the time, these bacteria help to expose the immune system to minor irritants and then learns to defend itself against. However, in a time where millions are affected by COVID-19 and germs seem to be in every nook and cranny of the world, the immune system needs every bit of support that it can get. With Advanced Immunity, a team of researchers set out to render these bad bacteria and viruses useless.

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Selenium and zinc are both crucial minerals in the immune system, supporting its function with natural supplementation. Vitamin C also plays a major role, which consumers also get from Advanced Immunity. Ingredients included in the Advanced Immunity formula vitamins and minerals. Advanced Immunity includes a blend of Turmeric, Garlic, L-Lysice, Echinacea Purpurea Extract, Quercetin, Zinc Citrate, Copper Gluconate and Vitamins C, E, and vitamin B6 to support a healthy immune system and overall general wellness. While the full ingredient list isn’t offered on the website or amounts of each, the company offers links to the research on the following vitamins and minerals that have played a role in creating their product:

Vitamin E (
** Graviola leaf extract (
** Reishi, shiitake, and maitake mushrooms (
** Quercetin (
** Pomegranate (
** Larch arabinogalactan (
** Garlic extract (
** Panax ginseng (
** Olive leaf (

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Buying Advanced Immunity

To get rid of the bacteria in the body and support the immune system, the cost of one bottle of Advanced Immunity is priced at $59. However, this formula isn’t just a one-month regimen, requiring several months of use to get the defense that users want. While buying one bottle is helpful to users that may be more reserved about benefits that they’ll receive, stocking up can save on the cost per bottle while preparing the user for months of support.

Other packages include:

** A 90-day supply of three bottles for $147A
** 180-day supply of six bottles for $234

As an added bonus, all of the packages come with free shipping.

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FAQs: What Else Should You Know About Advanced Immunity?Q. Can anyone benefit from using Advanced Immunity?

A. Adults from their 30s to 70s and beyond will be able to get the benefits of using Advanced Immunity. While it is not recommended for children, it will work for both men and women to give natural support to the immune system.

Q. Is Advanced Immunity safe to take?

A. Every single serving of Advanced Immunity is safe and natural. To date, the company states that they have not received any complaints of side effects. However, individuals that currently are treating a medical condition should speak with their doctor before adding any supplement (including Advanced Immunity) to their routine.

Q. How should Advanced Immunity be taken for the best results?

A. One serving of Advanced Immunity should be taken an hour before dinner with water. By taking this supplement in this way, the water will make the capsules easy to swallow, and the food consumed during dinnertime will help the capsules to be broken down more easily in the digestive process.

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Q. What is the best number of Advanced Immunity bottles to order?

A. While there will be distinct improvements in the user’s immune system after a month of use, the company recommends taking this product for at least three months to get the immunity benefits. That’s why they currently offer a one-month, three-month, and six-month supply on the ordering page.

Q. How long will the shipment of Advanced Immunity take to arrive?

A. All orders are shipped with a “premium carrier,” and anyone in the US or Canada who makes a purchase can expect their order to ship in seven business days or less.

Q. Is the Advance Immunity product include recurring payments?

A. Not at all. The user will only be charged for the product as a one-time transaction for whichever package that they choose at checkout.

Q. What if the user doesn’t get the reaction they hope for from Advanced Immunity?

A. The company offers a 60-day return policy. If the product isn’t the right option for the user, they can send an email to to start this process.

Bottom Line

Advanced Immunity provides consumers with a way to protect themselves from illness by strengthening the body’s natural defenses against disease. The formula includes many known vitamins and minerals (like zinc, vitamin C, and selenium) that are backed up with 12 separate scientific studies on their website to show how the immune system benefits from them. Though this product cannot guarantee that the user will not get sick, their use of the minerals and vitamins that the body needs for the immune system will strengthen their defense against illness.

With a once-daily serving and a 60-day return policy, consumers can try out this product for themselves with little to no disruption in their daily life.

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