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Livinguard next-generation self-disinfecting technology proven effective in destroying the new coronavirus

Researchers from Free University of Berlin and the Institut für Textiltechnik (ITA) of RWTH Aachen validate ability of revolutionary Livinguard self-disinfecting technology to kill SARS-CoV-2 

Applications in facemasks, fabrics and various other substrates to power return to “Next Normal” as countries ease lockdown restrictions

Zug, SWITZERLAND, June 17, 2020: Researchers from Freie Universität Berlin and ITA RWTH Aachen,two of the most recognized academic institutions in virology and textiles, have confirmed the efficacy of a new self-disinfecting technology to permanently destroy the new coronavirus when applied to textiles or surfaces. This revolutionary technology, from the Swiss hygiene company Livinguard, has already proven effective in protecting the population when Livinguard Technology is applied to fabrics incorporated into facemasks. Livinguard Technology can continuously inactivate exhaled viruses, including 99.9% of SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19), making Livinguard the most effective coronavirus killer technology known to date.

These scientific results follow on similar findings from The University of Arizona, Tucson and are especially relevant now as countries gradually ease lockdown restrictions and populations seek a return to a “Next Normal”.

Masks using Livinguard technology are already in use by law enforcement and frontline workers in Singapore, Japan, Germany and the United States, protecting those most vulnerable in the battle against COVID.

“As governments seek to restart their economies, technology will play an important role in the protection of health and wellbeing. Our masks provide hygiene suited for the modern world,” said Sanjeev Swamy, Livinguard Founder and CEO. “What is truly exciting for us is that this technology has been proven effective and safe for everyday uses, such as for use on airplane seats and public transport, to protect our population in all areas of life. Through this, we hope to be able to open possibilities for governments and public health authorities to move more quickly to re-open, while keeping the populations safe.”

"Our research has proven that the textiles in these masks can continuously inactivate the exhaled viruses and can make handling these masks even safer overall," says Uwe Rösler, Institute for Animal and Environmental Hygiene. “In addition, such textiles could also help to reduce hygienic issues in other general and medical areas, even beyond COVID-19."

Beyond facemasks, Livinguard permanent hygiene technology can be applied to any textile and multiple other substrates, enabling countless applications in industries such as healthcare, personal hygiene, air filtration and others and promoting a safe post-COVID recovery.

“Imagine the ability of airlines to treat seats and folding tables with our technology, ensuring that viruses and bacteria are continuously killed and prevented from spreading.” said Swamy. “This can drive not only benefits for public health but significant efficiencies for companies in high traffic industries in relation to resources applied to cleaning and disinfecting services.”

Details on Livinguard Antiviral Technology

The principle underlying the Livinguard technology is to apply a positive charge at the molecular level to textile surfaces. When microbes come into contact with these positive charges, the microbial cell, which is negatively charged, is destroyed, leading to permanent destruction of the microorganism. Unlike alternative metal-based solutions such as silver, zinc or copper that can be harmful to the environment and could cause health implications when used in a face mask, Livinguard technology has been found to be safe for both skin and lungs. Moreover, Livinguard technology destroys continuously and allows users to reuse masks up to 210 times with no compromise on safety or efficacy. Details on the technology can be found here.

Details on the scientific research from Freie Universität Berlin and ITA RWTH Aachen

Availability of Livinguard masks

Masks treated with the Livinguard technology are available throughout the world with current manufacturing in Portugal, Israel, Sri Lanka, Jordan, UAE, India, and China. Livinguard licenses its patented technologies to companies from various industries to improve the health and well-being of consumers. More information on use can be found here.

About Livinguard AG

Livinguard is an innovative and environmentally friendly hygiene technology platform based in Zug, Switzerland. As the first company in the world to empower textiles and other materials with self-disinfecting properties, it licenses its patented technologies to companies from various industries to improve the health and well-being of consumers. Livinguard AG operates in Switzerland, Germany, USA, Singapore, Japan, India, and South Africa.


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