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CrazyCap helps Martine Rothblatt Cheer On Her Team Through Crisis!

MIAMI, June 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Esteemed lawyer, author, and entrepreneur, Martine Rothblatt, Ph.D., found a thoughtful and practical way to thank her employees at United Therapeutics, who have been going above and beyond during this time of the coronavirus crisis. The team at United Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical company, has always been dedicated to working hard on life-saving biotech innovations. During the global coronavirus pandemic, United Therapeutics has recognized the dire need to develop treatments for COVID-19 patients and has responded quickly by initiating three projects intended to help with COVID-19, including an artificial lung technology that could help avoid the need for the use of ventilators.

Dr. Rothblatt (Founder, CEO, and Chairwoman of United Therapeutics) wanted to show appreciation to UT's employees for their efforts in continuing their crucial work during this uncertain time. She gifted CrazyCap bottles to all ~900 employees! "I'm a #1 Fan of CrazyCap! Thanks again for making a great product, and for getting it out to all of us," said Dr. Rothblatt about CrazyCap. The CrazyCap bottle gives each person access to clean water without the need to buy plastic water bottles, as well as a way to sterilize devices and surfaces that may have come in contact with the coronavirus or other contaminants. This generous gesture demonstrates that taking care of the team at United Therapeutics is a crucial priority for Dr. Rothblatt. 

About CrazyCap
CrazyCap is a technology start-up that changes the entire life cycle of water. Our product is a rechargeable screw-on cap that is embedded with a Deep UV LED light that destroys microorganisms, pathogens, and viruses including the Coronavirus, turning virtually any water source into drinkable/potable water!

CrazyCap was created to address a global issue; you shouldn't need harsh chemicals or heavy replaceable filters to drink clean water! Our goal is to reduce the use of plastic water bottles and cut down on the use of disposable filters while still providing water that is safe to drink. #setwaterfree

For more information on CrazyCap, please visit and @crazycapbottle on Instagram.

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CrazyCap helps Martine Rothblatt Cheer On Her Team Through Crisis!

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Last Updated: 22-Jun-2020