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FMI Updates Automated CPR Devices Market Forecast and Analysis as Corona Virus Outbreak Disturbs Investment Plans

VALLEY COTTAGE, N.Y. – This Future Market Insights report examines the ‘Global Automated CPR Devices” market for the period 2014 – 2025. The primary objective of the report is to offer updates on the advancement of automated CPR devices, examining the marketing efforts and to provide the market opportunities in the global automated CPR Devices Market

The installation rate of automated CPR devices in EMS and hospitals is now increasing at considerable pace in the developed economies across the globe. Moreover the increasing awareness about the clinical benefits of the devices amongst the populace of developing economies is also driving the demand for automated CPR devices in the concerned market.

The report also depicts the marketing strategies undertaken by the manufacturing companies which is significantly transforming the automated CPR devices market. This study analyses, estimates and forecasts the global automated CPR devices market from the supply perspective, in terms revenue (US$ Mn) during the forecast period 2015 to 2025. The report also highlights the impact of various drives and inhibitors in various regions along with their impact during the forecast period.

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CPR Devices are chest compression systems that provide high quality compression to chest of patients suffering from sudden cardiac arrest to provide a steady flow of oxygen and blood in the brain as well as heart. The CPR device finds application in EMS, hospitals, ambulances, coronary & intensive care units, cardiac catheterization labs, air medevac units, EMT rescue units, etc. 

The devices does the Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) process mechanically. CPR is a compression technique used in various medical emergencies to maintain or initiate blood circulation in the heart and oxygen supply in the brain.

To understand and assess the opportunities in this market the report is categorically divided under various sections such as market analysis by regions (Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Middle East & Africa); competitive landscape (inclusive of competition dashboard, market share analysis, CPR brand share analysis, and company profiles) The report analyses the global automated CPR devices market in terms of market value (US$ Mn).

The report starts with an overview of automated CPR devices market across the globe. In the other sections, FMI covers the key trends, drivers and inhibitors from supply and demand perspective. It also includes the market opportunities of automated CPR devices market. Impact analysis of key growth drivers and inhibitors based on the weighted average model included in the report better equips and arms client with crystal clear decision making insights.

The next section of the report analyses the market based on end use and presents the forecast in terms of value for the next ten years.

Regions covered in the report include:

  • Europe
  • North America
  • APAC
  • Latin America
  • MEA

To calculate the market size, the report considers various aspects based on secondary research. Furthermore, data points such as regional split and market split by applications, end use and qualitative inputs from primary respondents have been incorporated to arrive at appropriate market estimates. 

Some of the key inputs form primary respondents are as follows:

“The United States market will be growing in the near future owing to huge investments by major players, country giving priority to purchasing medical products, established products such as AutoPulse from ZOLL Medical Corporation and new entrants such as Defibtech and CPR RsQ Assist Inc.”

-Director of Strategic Sales 

“AutoPulse will be the fastest growing CPR device in United States.”

-Director of Strategic Sales 

“The prices for automated CPR devices will dramatically come down and market would attain saturation after 2030 as which would further grow only with significant changes such as product differentiation and rise in overall demand for CPR products. The future of CPR or cardiological emergency medical products is the combination of AED and CPR and the commercialisation of the combined technology in the open market”

-Vice President 

“To sustain in the highly consolidated CPR device market, smaller players would need to make huge investments in clinical research to prove clinical efficiency of their CPR devices”

 -Director of Strategic Sales

The forecast presented here assesses the total revenue of automated CPR devices market. When developing the forecast of the market, the starting point is sizing the current market, which forms the basis for the forecast of how the market is anticipated to take shape in the near future. Given the characteristics of market, we triangulated the data via different analysis based on supply side, demand side and dynamics of related markets. However, quantifying the market across above-mentioned segments and regions is more a matter of quantifying expectations and identifying opportunities rather than rationalizing them after the forecast has been completed.

In addition, it is imperative to note that in an ever-fluctuating global economy, we not only conduct forecasts in terms of CAGR, but also analyse on the basis of key parameters such as year-on-year (Y-o-Y) growth to understand the predictability of the market and to identify the right opportunities across the automated CPR devices market.

Also, another key feature of this report is the analysis of automated CPR devices market by regions and its revenue forecast in terms of absolute dollar. This is traditionally overlooked while forecasting the market. However, absolute dollar opportunity is critical in assessing the level of opportunity that a provider can look to achieve, as well as to identify potential resources from a sales perspective in the global automated CPR devices market.

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Furthermore, to understand key growth segments in terms of growth & performance of automated CPR devices market, Future Market Insights developed market attractiveness index. The resulting index should help providers identify real market opportunities.

Few of the market players featured in the section include

  • ZOLL Medical Corporation
  • Physio-Control Inc.
  • Brunswick Biomedical Technologies
  • Michigan Instruments
  • SunLife Science Inc.

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