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Rapid Radiology and OpenText accelerate diagnostic results to help improve patient care

Radiology services provider deploys OpenTextTM EMR-LinkTM to help speed medical imaging orders and results for increased efficiency, lower costs, and improved patient care

London, UK – 26th June 2020 –  OpenText™ (NASDAQ: OTEX) (TSX: OTEX) today announced Rapid Radiology, one of the largest teleradiology providers in the U.S, has selected OpenText™ EMR-Link™ as its comprehensive solution for electronic medical record (EMR) integration and computerised physician order entry (CPOE).

Rapid Radiology will use OpenTextTM EMR-LinkTM to streamline the delivery of radiology test results to EMR charts at healthcare facilities. This will include senior and long-term care facilities with more vulnerable patients, where rapidly sharing diagnostic results improves decision-making for timely treatment and reduces avoidable hospital readmissions. Electronic orders can now be added to results capabilities across Rapid Radiology’s users and customers, eliminating the need for the inefficient blend of paper, fax, electronic portals, and other systems facilities must use today.

“OpenText EMR-Link allows us to deliver better turnaround on patient care. An order can happen in real-time in our system now—the order comes in and it’s automatically dispatched to the correct technician, versus taking a phone call, getting a fax, getting an email, and then having to re-enter it into a system,” said Mike Spears, executive vice president at Rapid Radiology. “On the results side, OpenText EMR-Link allows us to automatically put the electronic radiologist report into the patient’s file, also in real-time. This closes the loop and ensures that the patient record includes all the information coming from the radiology side.”  

“Diagnostic labs and imaging centres often face integration challenges in exchanging electronic information with healthcare facilities, leading to critical delays in treatment,” said OpenText chief product officer Muhi Majzoub. “OpenText EMR-Link handles integration complexity and delivers the consistent connectivity that labs and imaging centres require. OpenText’s expertise in long-term care also helps Rapid Radiology to optimise the workflows between service providers and ordering physicians, leading to improved patient outcomes.”

EMR-Link eliminates the need to search for and manage paper results or faxes, helping patient care teams gain quick access to review results and develop treatment plans. The OpenText Business Network solution delivers the industry’s only cloud integration service to provide interoperability between all EMR systems in the long-term care market, ensuring seamless delivery of clinical results between providers and improving patient care. This is particularly important with the move to increased remote work, as physicians and nurses are able to review lab results online, and support personnel can review orders and ordering characteristics remotely through EMR-Link.

“We’re all about patient care,” said Rapid Radiology’s Spears. “Automatic, accurate, and accelerated data helps deliver faster clinical decisions that can improve patient outcomes and bring relief to the anxious families.”

Spears summarised the value of the OpenText solution in helping Rapid Radiology meet its goals and fulfil its commitment to advancing teleradiology with technology: “OpenText EMR-Link is key to our business. It’s what we’ve built our business on.”

For more information on how OpenText™ EMR-Link™ supports radiology providers like Rapid Radiology, click here

About Rapid Radiology

Rapid Radiology, one of the largest teleradiology providers in the U.S., delivers diagnostic services to healthcare organizations through the support of its national radiology group and its network of expert sub-specialty radiologists. Established to expedite diagnosis and treatment, Rapid Radiology offers custom technology and intelligent workflows to enhance patient care.

About OpenText

OpenText, The Information Company™, enables organizations to gain insight through market leading information management solutions, on-premises or in the cloud. For more information about OpenText (NASDAQ: OTEX, TSX: OTEX) visit

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