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Nanommune Partners With Velox Biosystems to Offer Laboratory Testing of COVID-19 Serological Assays

IRVINE, Calif. - July 1, 2020 - (

​​​Nanommune Inc. and Velox Biosystems, Inc. have announced a partnership to bring to market rapid, high-throughput laboratory testing and consulting services for clinicians, laboratories, and researchers to accelerate their use and adoption of cutting-edge high plex microarray products worldwide.

The launch of the partnership addresses an unmet need in the market at a crucial time. Researchers are working around the clock to understand and develop treatments against COVID-19 and use of high plex microarrays for SARS-CoV-2 research is gaining rapid adoption, however, many labs lack the capacity to perform the tests in an accurate and high-throughput manner. Nanommune and Velox have years of experience developing breakthrough diagnostic technologies and have created this partnership in order to provide end-to-end testing and consulting services for their clients.

“We are excited to partner with Velox on this project. The team at Velox is extremely experienced and brings a wealth of scientific and technical expertise that our clients will benefit from immensely,” said Chris Magill, CEO of Nanommune Inc. “This collaboration will open the door for researchers to fully realize the efficiency and benefit of the microarray antibody and antigen assays.”

“This partnership between Nanommune and Velox can make an immediate impact in the fight against the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak,” said Dr. Byron Shen, CEO of Velox Biosystems, Inc. “There is excellent synergy between our two companies and we are working closely to launch the COVID-19 immune profiling service, as well as develop additional products and tools based on this exciting microarray platform.”

For more detailed information on the COVID-19 countermeasures Nanommune and Velox are developing, please refer to the upcoming publications: “Analysis of SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies in COVID-19 Convalescent Blood using a Coronavirus Antigen Microarray” and “A Modular Microarray Imaging System for Highly Specific COVID-19 Antibody Testing.

About Nanommune

Nanommune Inc. is a biotechnology company focused on the development of cutting-edge tools for the medical and research communities. Nanommune’s high-throughput proteomic antigen-specific microarray platform revolutionizes diagnostic, serosurveillance, and vaccine research by offering medical, research, and public health experts with fast, highly accurate, and rapidly deployable suite of tools to accomplish the extremely important needs facing the global health community. Our pathogen-specific microarrays can be deployed rapidly at scale and serve as a much-needed tool in the fight against emerging infectious diseases. More information can be found by visiting

About Velox Biosystems

Velox Biosystems is a diagnostic company focused on the development of new technologies and products solving long-standing problems in clinical diagnostics. Velox has developed novel solutions that provide exceptional sensitivity and rapid speed to overcome fundamental barriers in diagnostic performance. Velox has built a strong team in product development and system integration and has strong expertise in infectious disease diagnostics, cancer liquid biopsy, and life sciences applications. More information can be found by visiting

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