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osteolabs GmbH Provides Further Validation for Use of OsteoTest in Osteoporosis and Early-Stage Kidney Malfunction

Innovative potential recognized by nomination as finalist for the prestigious EARTO Innovation Prize

KIEL, Germany, July 02, 2020 / B3C newswire / -- osteolabs GmbH today announced further validation and clinical evidence for the use of OsteoTest for the early detection of bone loss. OsteoTest represents a new type of predictive test for osteoporosis that provides early insights into the bone mineral balance of the human body using a simple urine or blood sample. So far, such a diagnosis currently requires the use of X-ray technology (DXA), which is invasive, less sensitive and represents a potential radiation risk for the patient. In this context, osteolabs was now able to show in a recent study of 100 women together with the University Medical Center Kiel that the OsteoTest can predict fractures caused by bone atrophy better and most important non-invasive than the DXA method currently used (Study from CRC GmbH Kiel, GEO-Osteo-2016, NCT02967978, publication in preparation).

In addition, clinical physicians from the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium successfully applied the OsteoTest in a recent study to verify the side effects of an androgen deprivation therapy as part of a prostate therapy for men (Rougin Khalil et al., European Journal of Endocrinology (2020) 183, 181-189). The latter also confirms the usefulness of checking OsteoTest for predicting bone calcium-related loss even for men.

Bone loss is also a serious side effect of kidney dysfunction, although difficult to predict with current diagnostics. A recent clinical trial in collaboration with the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children of University College London and the GEOMAR Helmholtz Center in Kiel has shown that OsteoTest also qualifies as a biomarker for early renal dysfunction. The researchers show a highly significant dependence of the OsteoTest results on the status of the renal dysfunction (publication in preparation).

“We are very satisfied with the recent clinical results for OsteoTest for early detection of bone loss in women but also in men”, said Prof. Dr. Eisenhauer, Scientific Lead for osteolabs and GEOMAR scientist.” Initial results are also very exciting for our test to serve as a diagnostic tool for the tubular functionality of the kidney, with further studies required for full clinical validation."

Due to the uniqueness, innovative strength and social performance of OsteoTest, osteolabs was nominated as a finalist for the EARTO Award. On October 28th of this year the award will be presented in a ceremony in Brussels, Belgium. The EARTO Award rewards innovations with significant social and / or economic effects. EARTO is the European association of research and technology organizations headquartered in Brussels, consisting of 350 research and technology organizations representing 150,000 highly qualified researchers and engineers.


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