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Immune Regulation Ltd Partners with DynPort Vaccine Company to Advance its Drug Product for COVID-19 into Clinical Trials

Clinical Evaluation of the potential of ILR201104 to treat COVID-19 related ARDS

LONDON, UK, July 06, 2020 / B3C newswire / -- Immune Regulation Ltd, a US and UK based clinical stage biotechnology company, today announced that it has entered into a Teaming Agreement with DynPort Vaccine Company LLC (DVC; a GDIT Company) to jointly evaluate the potential of Immune Regulation’s drug product ILR201104 to treat COVID-19 related Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) in US clinical trials.

COVID-19 infection is associated with the recruitment of key blood cells to the lung, including neutrophils, which are required to fight the virus. However, in high-risk patients, the action of inflammatory molecules released by neutrophils may lead to overwhelming inflammation, otherwise known as ARDS, that may result in dangerously low levels of blood oxygen in patients who can become critically ill, possibly leading to death.

Immune Regulation’s drug candidate IRL201104 has been shown to quickly and markedly reduce the excessive infiltration of neutrophils in the lungs in a preclinical model of acute lung inflammation. A single dose of IRL201104 has been shown to reduce neutrophil infiltration quickly and maintain this effect for at least 24 hours. This may mean that a short course of treatment with IRL201104 would be able to provide a marked reduction in the numbers of infiltrating neutrophils into the lung, potentially reducing the overwhelming inflammatory response and restoring the levels of blood oxygen.

Immune Regulation and DVC

Jonathan Rigby, Group CEO of Immune Regulation said, “We are very pleased to be working on a therapeutic approach that can potentially reduce COVID-19 related ARDS. Doing this in partnership with a world class company like DVC, significantly improves our chances of a successful outcome and we are delighted by the prospect.”

Gary Nabors, President of DVC said, “Immune Regulation has a unique solution to the problem of ARDS, which is potentially fatal in patients with advanced COVID-19. DVC is excited to partner with Immune Regulation to bring ILR201104 to patients who are in need of more effective therapies.”


About Immune Regulation
Immune Regulation Limited is a US and UK based clinical stage biotechnology company, pioneering new technologies for regulating and resetting the immune system and developing novel first-in-class therapies for inflammatory and immunological diseases.
Immune Regulation’s first-in-class immune resetting therapies have demonstrated unique efficacy and safety in pre-clinical and human studies without suppressing the immune system. These therapies exhibit short pharmacokinetic activity but reset the immune system from a pro-inflammatory to a regulatory state to induce disease remission in patients with allergic and immune mediated diseases, without the negative effects of chronic current therapies.
At Immune Regulation our aim is to develop novel, safe and effective therapies that reset the immune system, transforming the lives of patients with inflammatory and immunological diseases.

About DynPort Vaccine Company
DynPort Vaccine Company, a General Dynamics Information Technology Company, was founded in 1997 to develop vaccines and therapeutics for US Government customers.  Based in Frederick, MD, the company has focused on the advanced development of medical countermeasures for biodefense and emerging infectious diseases, and chemical warfare agents.  DVC holds contracts with the US Department of Defense, and Health and Human Services.

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