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PHUSE Deploys NIHPO Platform of Enriched Open Data in Microsoft Azure to Accelerate COVID-19 Clinical Research

PHUSE Deploys NIHPO Platform of Enriched Open Data in Microsoft Azure to Accelerate COVID-19 Clinical Research.
Broadstairs, Kent (UK), and Miami, Fla. - Monday, July 6, 2020.

PHUSE announces the availability of the PHUSE Open Data Repository (“PODR”) built on Microsoft Azure. PODR includes Open Data from the European Union (European Medicines Agency); the U.S. (FDA, HHS, National Library of Medicine; Medicare; USA Spending); and the World Health Organization (clinical trials).

“PODR offers our members pre-provisioned and enriched Open Data to accelerate the discovery of solutions to COVID-19 challenges and other, data-centric challenges posed by PHUSE sponsors. PODR will eliminate member’s time-consuming ‘Data Prep’ process of loading and massaging raw data. PHUSE members will go ‘From Zero to Analysis’ in under five minutes” said Stephen Bamford, PHUSE’s Founder and Chairman of the Board.

Dr. David Rhew, VP and Chief Medical Officer, Microsoft Corp. said, “Technology is playing a critical role in nearly every facet of the COVID-19 crisis, from using AI to crunch massive datasets to analyzing disease vectors and identifying treatment impacts. Microsoft is committed to supporting researchers and organizations in their critical work to better understand and treat COVID-19. As PHUSE adopts Azure, its members will gain access to a highly secure cloud data analytics platform with tremendous compute capabilities.”

The PHUSE Open Data Repository will help PHUSE members to learn new tools and technologies (such as C++, Jupyter, Python, and R). And PHUSE expects to drive higher member engagement with PHUSE’s Working Groups and events.

“We are honored that PHUSE chose the NIHPO Platform to allow PHUSE members to quickly launch new projects and collaborative research activities around COVID-19. The NIHPO Platform makes data analytics accessible to all levels of users, from Excel users to power users. And PHUSE members will not need any IT involvement to acquire, load, or manage Open Data,” said Jose C. Lacal, NIHPO’s CTO.

“The PHUSE Open Data Repository will be the cornerstone of the PHUSE/FDA Data Science Challenge and this unified Open Data platform will enable to next wave of public data challenges in the health space,” concluded Bamford.

The PHUSE Open Data Repository (“PODR”) is available now for alpha testers. General availability for all PHUSE members is expected during 3Q20.


PHUSE is an independent, not-for-profit organisation run by volunteers. Since its inception, PHUSE has expanded from its roots as a conference for European statistical programmers to a global membership organisation and platform for the discussion of topics encompassing the work of data managers, biostatisticians, statistical programmers and eClinical IT professionals. All PhUSE deliverables are available freely through the PhUSE website [].


Founded in 2007, NIHPO, Inc. is a for-profit, minority-owned software development and data analytics company based in Miami, Florida (USA). NIHPO’s focus is transforming Open Government raw data from state, federal, and international agencies into Actionable Knowledge. []



         Jose C. Lacal

         Chief Technical Officer

          +1 (561) 777-2577


            Stephen Bamford

            Founder and Chairman of the Board


            +44 1843 609600


PHUSE Deploys NIHPO Platform of Enriched Open Data in Microsoft Azure to Accelerate COVID-19 Clinical Research

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