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Insilico Biotechnology AG reports progress on the use of methanol for the sustainable production of fine chemicals

(Stuttgart)-As a partner in the Chiramet research consortium Insilico Biotechnology has identified methods to increase the productivity of biological cells to manufacture chiral building blocks from methanol. 

The use of biological cells in the production of fine chemicals has proven as an efficient and sustainable alternative to conventional processes that used chemical synthesis. The bacterium Methylorubrum extorquens enables the production of chiral substances from readily available methanol. Using a predictive digital representation of the host’s metabolism and of the production process, called Digital Twins, Insilico Biotechnology has identified novel genetic switches to significantly increase productivity.

Klaus Mauch, CEO of Insilico Biotechnology, emphasizes the importance for the sustainable production of chemicals: “The use of methanol by bacteria is a great example of how an innovative combination of life sciences with novel energy concepts can lead to a net reduction of carbon dioxide in the air and to the production of high quality products at the same time: The energy of sunlight and the carbon from carbon dioxide can be stored in methanol. The methanol in turn then serves the bacteria as an energy and carbon source for the production of valuable materials for our daily life.”

Insilico is a partner in the consortium “Chiral building blocks produced from the biomass conversion product methanol” (Chiramet) which is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in the context of the “Nationale Forschungsstrategie BioÖkonomie 2030“ (FKZ 031B0340D). The other partners in this project are DECHEMA Research Institute SbR (DFI), Frankfurt am Main, Chiracon GmbH, Luckenwalde, University of Münster, Institute for Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology, and Max-Planck Institute for Terrestric Microbiology, Marburg as associated partner.

About Insilico
Insilico Biotechnology AG develops and delivers predictive Digital Twins to advance biopharmaceutical process development and manufacturing. Insilico Digital Twins of cell culture processes lead to superior productivity, product quality and process robustness. Ground breaking predictive power is achieved by exploiting process data using artificial intelligence and biochemical networks. As a result, Insilico’s unique approach substantially reduces experimental effort, costs of goods and time to market. Leading biopharmaceutical companies worldwide use Insilico Digital Twins for cell line development, media design and process control. Founded in 2001, Insilico Biotechnology is a privately held company based in Stuttgart, Germany.

Caroline Shafik
Public Relations Manager
Insilico Biotechnology AG

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