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Essex Disposable Face Mask Manufacturer Urges Government to Support British Industry

An Essex based PPE start up, PopOn Masks Ltd, is one of the few British companies manufacturing disposable facemasks that meet British standards EN 14683:2019 for disposal face masks and are MDHA registered.

One of the key issues with PPE has been the importation of what has turned into expensive PPE that fails to meet any useable standard in the UK. Imports from China and Turkey have been variable in quality, often being returned as unusable.

Jamie Majid, managing director and founder of PopOn Masks Ltd said. "UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has publicly expressed a desire to support UK manufacturing and with Brexit looming, its time the government stepped up and began to show that deeds are better than words. We need this Government to start investing in British companies supplying PPE. At PopOn Masks, we can manufacture 5,000,000 high quality disposable masks a month and get them delivered anywhere in the UK very quickly."

As the country moves towards Autumn and with a second wave of the virus looming as the weather turns colder, it is vital that the Government is working with as many British companies as possible, and not being reliant on ultimately expensive low-grade PPE that not only puts front line workers at risk but leaves the general public vulnerable. 

Jamie went on to say, "We want the Government and other key organisations needing high-quality disposable face masks to know that there is a quick, efficient and cost-effective British solution that means we are not reliant on waiting for imports of variable quality. We have sent samples to the Government and other bodies, including the office of the Mayor of London, and we are waiting to hear back from them. It is imperative that the Government works with and supports British companies, especially at this time when Coronavirus has already impacted so many British jobs."

PopOn Masks Ltd can also increase capacity from 5 million face masks a month to meet demand. PopOn Masks production line have been designed as a modular line, meaning that it can add extra lines quite easily based on demand. PopOn do not have to redesign an entire factory, they just add lines to increase overall production of its masks.

Essex Disposable Face Mask Manufacturer  Urges Government to Support British Industry

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Last Updated: 04-Aug-2020