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Fapon 2nd COVID-19 Donation, 100 Million Anti-SARS-CoV-2 Fully Human RBD IgM & IgG QC Test Materials

DONGGUAN, China, Aug. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Fapon Biotech Inc. (Fapon), a global leading IVD raw materials and one-stop solutions company, announces a new COVID-19 donation to meet the urgent demand for development and optimization of reliable quality controls for high-quality antibody tests by donating 100 million Anti-SARS-CoV-2 Fully Human RBD IgM & IgG QC test materials. The first donation initiated in February to provide 3 million PCR test components to solve the shortage of raw materials. The new charitable action will reinforce Fapon's corporate mission to Enable Earlier Disease Identification; More Convenient, Accurate and Affordable Diagnosis upon the fight of COVID-19.

The daily production of COVID-19 antibody tests is massive, as it is not only applied to assess infection but also other medical fields. However, news of false-negative test results has never stopped. Fapon RBD IgM & IgG QC materials can aid the development and optimization of reliable quality controls, ultimately improve antibody test performance and tackle the false-negative challenge.

"In this unprecedented time with continually changing medical needs, we are utterly resolute in bringing tangible, beneficial impacts on the industry by supporting partners with what they need now and next," stated by the CEO of Fapon.

"The industry's feedback on our first PCR donation was extraordinary. We alleviated the raw material shortage. PCR manufacturers over forty countries collaborated with us to develop and manufacture tests. We had supplied raw materials for the manufacturing of over 100 million diagnostic tests and ramped up the production capacity of 500%."

"This second donation offers high-demand QC materials that sit in the heart of reliable antibody tests. It will help to accelerate the internal QC process and achieve test result confidence. We strongly look forward to the participation of global IVD partners."

Fapon manifests unmatched R&D capabilities during the pandemic to bring new COVID-19 products continuously to the market. Featured products include N Antibodies, N/S/RBD Antigens, ACE2 Antigens, Secondary Antibodies, Direct One-Step RT-PCR Test Components, Enzymes and others. The full product list is available via

About Fapon

Fapon is a global leading IVD raw materials & one-stop solutions company founded in 2001. Fapon has 700+ reagent raw materials available for the application of Rapid Test, Molecular Diagnostics, ELISA, CLIA, CMIA, and Biochemistry. With the solutions for POCT, CLIA, Immunoturbidimetry, Fapon satisfies customers' needs in different application scenarios.

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Fapon 2nd COVID-19 Donation, 100 Million Anti-SARS-CoV-2 Fully Human RBD IgM & IgG QC Test Materials

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