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Global Controlled Release Drug Delivery Technology Systems Market Size Sales To Reach US$ 75 Billion By 2026

- US  & Europe Controlled Release Drug Delivery Market To Dominate Global Controlled Release Drug Delivery Market With 70% Share Says Kuick Research

NEW DELHI, Sept. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- "Global Controlled Release Drug Delivery Market, Drug Dosage, Price & Clinical Trial Insight 2026" Report Highlights:

  • Global Controlled Release Drug Delivery Market: More Than US$ 70 Billion Opportunity by 2026
  • US & Europe Market Share 2019: > 65%
  • US & Europe To Double It Market Sales Opportunity by 2026
  • Number of Controlled Release Drug Available in Market: > 140 Drugs
  • Clinical Trials Insight by Company, Country, Indication & Patent: > 250 Drugs
  • Controlled Release Drugs Pricing, Patent & Dosage Insight
  • Global & Regional Trend Analysis, Future Market Opportunity Outlook
  • Global Controlled Drug Delivery Market Dynamics

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The global scenario of the controlled release drug market has observed a graph that represents substantial growth of the market over a period that is small. The growth in the market revenue and the size is majorly due to increase in the number of human disease cases over the years. Although the market is adjoined by world-class therapeutics for fighting diseases such as diabetes and other dementia conditions but the unwanted results from the drugs available due to undesired concentration of the drug inside the body has led to unending research to create a background for the further method innovation in the therapeutics sector.

Over the past few decades, controlled release drugs have been treating the patients and leaving the patients with adverse side effects. With drugs available for more than 20 different diseases, the market provided by controlled release drugs is supported by majority of the active regulatory bodies across the world. Drugs available under controlled release market are estimated to be the next breed of the therpaeutics industry that comes with minimum side effects as well as assurance of the quality and functionality. In the past few years, there is also a growing focus towards the development of the controlled release drugs for the oncology sector in order to provide healthcare benefits to the patients who are in urgent need.

The substantial growth in the market is also a result of expanding product pipeline. Controlled release drugs in a short period of time have grown into an effective treatment for different indication, due to this the drug makers on the other side are also focusing on developing novel drugs whose ADME rate can be controlled from outside. The growing opportunity and research and development associated with the market for other prevailing diseases such as cancer and many others are expected to develop immense growth potential for the global controlled release drug market. Also, another opportunity related with the market is linked with the emerging economics in the world. The market is presenting huge opportunistic prospect for the emerging economies to generate significant revenues from the market.

Through the analysis of the market at global level, it has been witnessed that most of economies that are highly ranked are organizing several strategies to boost the indigenous production and research sector of the market by providing enormous attractive benefits to the local drug makers. An important reason that is estimated to inflate the market in the coming time period is the rising government and private funding for the market. Several different government initiatives as well as involvement of hundreds of contract research organizations are going to increase the depth and scope of the controlled release drugs. It is estimated for the market that in a short period of time, the market with the aid of hundreds of millions investment and several working hours of the scientists will unravel all the opportunities that are still hidden within the market, leading to big contribution to the overall pharmaceutical industry as well as separate therapeutics market of diabetes and dementia.

Table of Contents Summary

  1. 1. Introduction to Drug Delivery Methodology
    1.1 Drug Delivery Overview 
    1.2 Drug Delivery System
  2. 2. Introduction to Controlled Drug Delivery
    2.1 Novel Drug Delivery Systems
    2.2 Preamble to Controlled Drug Delivery
    2.3 Drug Delivery Technology
          2.3.1 First Generation
          2.3.2 Second Generation
          2.4 Fundamentals of Controlled Delivery
          2.5 Basis for Controlled Drug Delivery
  3. Controlled Drug Delivery Classification
    3.1 By Delivery Systems
          3.1.1 Immediate Drug Release System
          3.1.2 Modified Drug Release System
          3.1.3 Delayed Release System
          3.1.4 Extended Release System
          3.1.5 Pulsatile Drug Release System
    3.2 By Technology
          3.2.1 Rate Preprogrammed Drug Delivery System
          3.2.2 Activation Modulated Drug Delivery System
          3.2.3 Feed Back Regulated Drug Delivery System 
          3.2.4 Site Targeted Drug Delivery Systems
    3.3 By Routes of Delivery
          3.3.1 Oral Controlled Drug Delivery System
          3.3.2 Nasal Controlled Drug Delivery System
          3.3.3 Transdermal Controlled Drug Delivery System
          3.3.4 Ocular Controlled Drug Delivery System
          3.3.5 Parenteral Controlled Drug Delivery
  4. Controlled Drug Delivery Mechanism of Action
    4.1 Diffusion Controlled
    4.2 Dissolution Controlled System
    4.3 Water Penetration Controlled System
    4.4 Erosion Controlled System
    4.5 Ion-Exchange Controlled System
  5. Material Based Approaches for Controlled Drug Delivery
    5.1 Polymers
    5.2 Chronopharmaceutics
    5.3 Nanoparticulate Delivery System
  6. Global Controlled Release Drug Clinical Pipeline Overview
    6.1 Phase
    6.2 Country/Region
    6.3 Mode of Action
    6.4 Drug class
    6.5 Indication
  7. Controlled Drug Delivery  by Indication
    7.1 Diabetes
    7.2 Cancer
    7.3 Cardiovascular Diseases
    7.4 Neurological Disorders
    7.5 Infections
  8. Controlled Delivery Drug Dosage & Formulation Insight
    8.1 Enteral Dosage Formulations 
        8.1.1 Solid Dosage Forms
        8.1.2 Liquid Dosage Forms
        8.1.3 Inhalation Dosage Forms
    8.2 Parenteral Dosage Forms
        8.2.1 Injectable Dosage Forms
        8.2.2 Implantable Device
    8.3 General Mechanisms of Drug Release
  9. Controlled Release Drugs for Alzheimer's Disease - Pricing, Patent & Dosage Insight
  10. Controlled Release Drugs for Parkinson's Disease - Pricing, Patent & Dosage Insight
  11. Controlled Release Drugs for Schizophrenia  - Pricing, Patent & Dosage Insight
  12. Controlled Release Drugs for Chronic Pain - Pricing, Patent & Dosage Insight
  13. Controlled Release Drugs for Multiple Sclerosis - Pricing, Patent & Dosage Insight
  14. Controlled Release Drugs for Diabetes Mellitus Type II - Pricing, Patent & Dosage Insight
  15. Controlled Release Drugs for Hypertension & Angina Pectoris - Pricing, Patent & Dosage Insight
  16. Global Controlled Drug Clinical Trials Insight By Company, Indication & Phase
    16.1 Unknown
    16.2 Research
    16.3 Preclinical
    16.4 Clinical
    16.5 Phase-I
    16.6 Phase-I/II
    16.7 Phase-II
    16.8 Phase-II/III
    16.9 Phase-III
    16.10 Preregistration
    16.11 Registered
  17. Marketed Controlled Drug Clinical Insight By Company & Indication
  18. Global Controlled Drug Market Overview & Recent Trends at Regional Level
    18.1 US
    18.2 Europe
    18.3 Japan
  19. Global Controlled Drug Delivery Market Dynamics
    19.1 Market Drivers
    19.2 Challenges to be Resolved
  20. Global Controlled Drug Delivery Market Future Outlook
  21. Competitive Landscape
    21.1 Allergan 
    21.2 Amylin Pharmaceuticals 
    21.3 AstraZeneca
    21.4 BioAlliance Pharma
    21.5 Biogen
    21.6 Collegium Pharmaceutical
    21.7 Controlled Therapeutics (Ferring Pharmaceuticals)
    21.8 Cosmo Pharmaceuticals
    21.9 Egalet
    21.10 Elan Corporation
    21.11 Encore Therapeutics
    21.12 Flamel Technologies
    21.13 GlaxoSmithKline
    21.14 Heron Therapeutics
    21.15 iCeutica
    21.16 Mithra Pharmaceuticals
    21.17 Neurim Pharmaceuticals 
    21.18 Novartis 
    21.19 Orexigen Therapeutics
    21.20 Otsuka Pharmaceutical
    21.21 Pfizer
    21.22 Purdue Pharma
    21.23 Syntex Pharmaceuticals International
    21.24 Takeda
    21.25 Zealand Pharma

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Global Controlled Release Drug Delivery Technology Systems Market Size Sales To Reach US$ 75 Billion By 2026

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