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Microlight3D partners with SPS Europe to sell its Polos-µPrinter to the fast-growing maskless-lithography market

Grenoble, France, September 22, 2020 – Microlight3D, a specialty manufacturer of high-resolution micro-scale 2D & 3D printing systems for industrial and scientific applications, today announces it has signed an agreement with SPS Europe BV. The deal gives the semiconductor distributor exclusive rights to market the Polos-mPrinter in Europe, with sales options in North America, Asia and beyond.


The Polos-mPrinter is a compact 2D maskless lithography system that enables researchers and engineers with small budgets to design microstructures of exceptional performance. These include microsensors, microoptics, microfluidics and MEMS (microelectromechanical systems), which are used in billions of devices.


The distribution agreement moves forward Microlight3D’s strategy to rapidly expand activity in key geographic markets. Currently, France and Germany represent 80% of Microlight3D’s 2D printing systems activities. In its fourth year, the company is now geared up to seize more global opportunities.


“SPS has highly-competent sales teams that are well-established in many countries as suppliers of innovative tools and customized solutions for the semiconductor industry,” said Denis Barbier, CEO of Microlight3D. “With SPS, greater numbers of customers will have access to the Polos-mPrinter. Its affordability for researchers and industrial designers and ease of use will also become more widely recognized.”


Microlight3D selected SPS Europe for its expertise in semiconductors, large international customer base, deep understanding of customer needs and track record. The Polos-mPrinter will complement SPS Europe’s catalog of semiconductor productions systems and consumables used in semiconductor fabrication, MEMS and biotechnology.


Microlight3D’s 2D maskless lithography system, whose software and user interface make it user-friendly, will be aggressively marketed to give users both affordability and desktop convenience.


“SPS Europe is pleased to be working alongside Microlight3D in the maskless lithography market; we couldn’t have chosen a better partner to work with during these challenging times,” said Ravi Dijkhuis, Polos division manager at SPS Europe. “From the outset of our visit to Microlight3D, we were immediately impressed by the exceptional skills of the staff, as well as the highly-advanced equipment being produced. I recall looking at a wall filled with awards and newspaper headlines and admiring Microlight3D’s successes over the years. From that moment, we knew this would be a very interesting partnership with a bright future.”


Use of direct writing lithography for surface structuring without a mask has grown, as it shortens development cycles of new devices, while reducing overhead costs. According to a Yole Developpement report[1], the maskless lithography market that represented $300 million (€251M) last year is set to grow at a CAGR of 16% per year.


SPS has a local presence in six European countries and two in Asia. Microlight3D will also leverage these local sales networks to help it mitigate the impact of potential future COVID-19 border restrictions. The agreement also provides for technical support and after-sales service on Polos-mPrinters.


About SPS Europe BV

Founded in 1988, SPS Europe supplies a range of industry leading products used worldwide for wafer handling & shipping, wet process/CMP, photolithography and thin films (including Diffusion, CVD, Etch). Its mission is to be the one-stop source for affordable semiconductor production systems and consumables, used in semiconductor fabrication, MEMS & Biotechnology. SPS Europe develops and customizes products in close cooperation with its 2,600+ customers. It is present in all European countries, plus India, Israel, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, South Africa and Turkey.


About Microlight3D

Microlight3D is a manufacturer of high-resolution micro-scale 2D & 3D printing systems. The company enables scientists and industrial researchers with new design needs to produce the most demanding precision micro parts in any geometric or organic shape, with a flawless finish. By combining 2D & 3D microprinting techniques, Microlight3D offers customers more flexibility in creating larger complex parts. It aims to provide faster and more complex micro-fabrication systems for tomorrow’s applications. Microlight3D’s equipment is designed for application in microoptics, microfluidics, microrobotics, meta-materials, cell biology and microelectronics. Microlight3D was founded in 2016, following 15 years’ research and development of its 3D microprinting technology at Grenoble Alpes University (UGA). The company is located in Grenoble, France.

[1] Bonding and Lithography Equipment Market for More than Moore Devices report, Yole Développement, 2018

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Last Updated: 22-Sep-2020