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Roxtec supplies seals for hazardous areas to pharmaceutical group Guerbet during Dublin site upgrade

International safety seal manufacturer Roxtec has supported pharmaceutical group Guerbet with an upgrade project at its Irish manufacturing site.

Guerbet specialises in diagnostic and interventional medical imaging. It operates nine manufacturing sites around the world, including one at the Damastown Industrial Estate north of Dublin that makes active pharmaceutical ingredients for the firm’s MRI, X-Ray and interventional imaging products range.

Ronan Mills, Roxtec Market Manager for Ireland, said Roxtec was brought in to supply Guerbet with a range of specialist pipe and cable safety seals. Part of the project involved extending the County Dublin facility’s Ex-classified manufacturing areas. These areas contain an explosion hazard, requiring airtight seals that protect against the risk of explosion to be fitted at all pipe and cable entry points.

Mr Mills said: “We’ve worked with Guerbet on a regular basis, helping to support facility upgrades in hazardous areas. Our Ex cable transit devices are designed specifically for environments where it’s necessary to guard against the risk of explosion.

“We supplied Guerbet with transits offering Ex e protection, which provides increased safety for explosive gas atmospheres. These products have helped to create a safe work environment for the company’s employees by forming an airtight seal and isolating rooms with potentially hazardous gases. They also play a crucial role in protecting valuable equipment.”

All Roxtec’s Ex sealing solutions are certified according to the ATEX directive and the IECEx International Certification Scheme.

Various pipe and cable sealing solutions were installed during the project, including Roxtec G Ex transits with sealing modules, RS seals and R Ex transits. As well as preventing ignition of explosive atmospheres, Roxtec’s Ex products are also fire rated and watertight. The Ex range includes a wide variety of seals designed to handle different cable sizes and openings, making them incredibly flexible and suitable for countless scenarios.

Mr Mills added: “We created numerous drawings to support the Dublin upgrade project and have previously provided training to Guerbet’s installation teams. The firm typically requires seals to have 15% spare capacity so future upgrades are quick and straightforward. The flexible design of Roxtec’s transits ensured this was easily achieved.”

Sealing solutions manufactured by Swedish-owned Roxtec are widely used within manufacturing to protect people and assets from multiple hazards including fire, flooding, the risk of explosion and electromagnetic disturbance (see: Roxtec manufacturing industry). Renowned for their durability, reliability and flexibility, the firm’s products are found on land, at sea and underground. Other key markets include the power, infrastructure and process industries, as well as the marine and offshore sectors.

For further details contact Roxtec UK at Waterfold Business Park, Bury. Tel: 0161 761 5280 Email or go online at


Roxtec was founded in Sweden in 1990, with its UK base in Bury, Greater Manchester. It is now the global leader in the manufacture of innovative cable and pipe transit systems, supplying many of the world’s biggest firms. It is active in 80 markets. Roxtec’s products are designed to seal cables and pipes and are used to protect people, buildings and equipment from multiple hazards. Its key market sectors include Marine, Oil and Gas, Telecoms, Construction, Power (generation, distribution and transmission) OEM (e.g. trains, engines, motors, generators) and the Process Industries. Roxtec has a Triple-A credit rating and is actively expanding into new areas offering innovative and safe sealing solutions to a variety of industries.

Roxtec supplies seals for hazardous areas to pharmaceutical group Guerbet during Dublin site upgrade

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Last Updated: 23-Sep-2020