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Thomas International launches new Talent Assessment Platform

Thomas Platform marks a major milestone in plans to accelerate global growth


New platform uses predictive analytics and machine learning to remove unconscious bias in recruitment and retention decisions


Thomas International (“Thomas”), the leading global talent assessment platform provider for the SME market, today announces the launch of the ‘Thomas Platform’ in the UK.  Comprising two applications, ‘Thomas Perform’ and ‘Thomas Profile’, the platform is designed to make it easier than ever before to translate people’s diverse characteristics into easy to action recommendations for smarter recruitment and development decisions.


Thomas Perform enables organisations of any size and type to use a broad range of behavioural, personality and aptitude assessments to see the potential in people beyond just skills and experience, enabling more informed and objective recruitment, retention, and development decisions. Users of Thomas Perform can easily connect with candidates around the globe through Thomas Profile.


Thomas Profile allows individuals to create their own profile via free access to a suite of assessments, giving them valuable self-awareness through insight into their own behavioural characteristics and personality traits. Individuals can share their Thomas Profile directly with any organisations using Thomas Perform to assess and recruit talent.  Users will soon be able to share their Thomas Profile across social networks, socialising the strengths of their personality and behaviours to help them build their personal brand.


The launch of this new cloud-based, mobile-optimised platform comes at a pivotal point in Thomas’s digital transformation strategy. The platform will help Thomas capitalise on the huge growth opportunities it sees in helping organisations transform their performance through more informed people decisions, looking beyond just skills and experience to unlock true potential.


The Thomas Platform intelligently presents assessment outcomes driven by predictive analytics and machine learning and written with HR users in mind. It generates tailored interview guides to support and strengthen recruitment processes, suggests best candidate fit for a role based on star ratings against benchmarks, and allows users to compare individuals within teams side-by-side to identify potential areas of conflict, harmony, strengths and weaknesses.


“It’s never been more important for organisations to attract and retain the right talent,” said Guy Ballantine, Interim CEO of Thomas International. “By combining global benchmark data, proven psychology and innovative technology, the new platform will help our customers easily translate complex human characteristics into immediately usable insight that will enable better, bias-free recruitment, retention and development decisions, helping everyone to achieve more.


“Now, more than ever, the impact of diversity and inclusion challenges in the workplace is a key focus for employers who are looking to proactively address unconscious bias in recruitment and development decisions. Many are turning to companies like Thomas to help improve objectivity and fairness in the recruitment process, removing bias and helping companies enjoy the proven benefits seen with more inclusive workplace cultures.”


The new platform has been built following the same three primary philosophies that have always informed Thomas solutions:


1. SIMPLICITY: Customers want to be able to start using and gain value from assessments quickly, without having to undergo extensive training. The Thomas Platform can be used by anyone, giving immediately usable content that has been written for specific people decisions, regardless of a user’s experience with psychometric assessments.

2. TRUST: Assessment results and their associated recommendations should be underpinned by strong science that customers can put their trust in. The Thomas Platform is backed by almost 40 years of experience supporting organisations across business, public sector, sport, education, and military. Thomas assessments are based on regularly validated, robust science and created by internationally renowned psychologists from leading institutions, optimised specifically for the workplace.

3. INSIGHT: The insights that a talent assessment platform provides should be powered by data science and machine learning to enhance performance and ensure they are individually tailored to the context of the assessment taker and job role. The new Thomas Platform dynamically presents bespoke, actionable content based on an individual’s assessment results, including star-ratings for candidate fit and interview guides.


Chris Jackson, CTO at Thomas International, added: “The launch of our new platform represents a powerful shift in how we support our customers.  The ease of use of Thomas Perform and Profile belies the quality and depth of the science and design that underpins them. This is our first step to democratising access to these assessments and the insights they yield to a wider range of users, be they colleagues, leaders, teams or candidates. We’re looking forward to helping our customers around the world to see the potential and capabilities of their current and future employees – unleashing the true power of people.”

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