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TrippBio - Launches Crowdfunding Opportunity to Expedite Development of New COVID-19 Treatment

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Sept. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- TrippBio is a new biotechnology company launching a crowdfunding investment opportunity to develop a groundbreaking treatment for COVID-19. TrippBio has a repurposed Food and Drug Administration (FDA) drug (TD213) that demonstrated high efficacy in eliminating COVID-19 in preliminary testing. Public support is needed to commence clinical trials and prepare for commercialization.

Mankind cannot afford to wait for new drugs to be developed for diseases like COVID-19. That is why TrippBio is focused on innovative applications of existing drugs to prevent and treat rogue viruses, starting with SARS-CoV-2 that causes COVID-19. The company is founded on the scientific research of Ralph Tripp, Ph.D. Georgia Research Alliance chair and professor at the University of Georgia. TrippBio has signed an exclusive intellectual property license agreement with the nonprofit University of Georgia Research Foundation that covers certain research related to the prevention and treatment of COVID-19. We have discovered that an existing drug can prevent the host cell from assembling SARS-CoV-2 and dampen hyper-inflammation and severe respiratory symptoms. "TD213 has a dual mechanism that blocks virus replication, and reduces the negative consequences of infection," explains Dr. Tripp. TrippBio will pursue a rapid development path for TD213 while proving efficacy against COVID-19 and decreasing the inflammatory response to the virus.

Research results demonstrate that TD213 could prevent and lessen disease severity of COVID-19 by decreasing virus replication. Laboratory studies show TD213 can decrease the viral load by 90%. Philip Young, President and CEO of TrippBio notes that, "We want to rapidly move into clinical trials to determine the efficacy of TD213 in treating COVID-19 patients. To make this a reality, we need the support of the public." 

TrippBio is a SpinUp Campus company. SpinUp Campus focuses on connecting university scientists with public investors to transform significant research into viable businesses. SpinUp Campus CEO and Founder, Billy Meadow, states "I believe in TrippBio; together we are committed to combating COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. Our operating team has decades of success combining business, commercial and scientific brilliance. TrippBio has a powerful opportunity to bring life-saving treatments to patients worldwide." 

TrippBio will use the capital from equity crowdfunding to fund clinical trials needed to seek FDA approval.

Crowdfunding allows the public an opportunity to invest in TrippBio HERE.



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TrippBio - Launches Crowdfunding Opportunity to Expedite Development of New COVID-19 Treatment

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