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Swift Biosciences Innovates Swift 2S® Sonic DNA Library Kit for a Rapid, Cost-Effective Workflow

ANN ARBOR, Mich., Oct. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Swift Biosciences, Inc., a leader in the commercialization of DNA and RNA Library Preparation Kits introduces the new Swift 2S Sonic DNA Library Kit to the NGS Industry. After a tremendously successful debut of Swift 2S Turbo's low-cost enzymatic fragmentation-based library preparation kit, Swift scientists filled the need of researchers looking for high-quality NGS library preparation compatible with mechanically fragmented dsDNA.  The new Swift 2S Sonic Kit offers accelerated access to new discoveries, unlocking high throughput quality data and versatile adapter solutions at a lower price.

The new Swift 2S® Sonic Kit offers accelerated access to new discoveries.

Swift 2S Sonic streamlines NGS sample preparation leveraging highly efficient end repair, adenylation and adapter ligation chemistries while enabling cost-effective automated solutions. This new technology minimizes sample handling reducing library preparation time to 2 hours. The kit supports a wide range of applications enabling researchers to expand their knowledge of precision medicine and make new discoveries in human health, microbial, and environmental applications.

Dr. Bita Lahann, lead scientist on 2S Sonic development says, "As sequencing throughput expands, the demand for streamlined and affordable workflows increases. 2S Sonic is a new generation of 2S reagents that offer a very well-priced and easily automatable library preparation for fragmented dsDNA without compromising data quality. Swift is looking forward to collaborating with scientists on the NGS emerging applications." 

Swift 2S Sonic kit is available in two configurations to support flexible options for adapter and indexing strategies. "This kit is also compatible with Swift Normalase® technology making it adaptable for quick implementation of core applications while reducing processing times and supporting high throughput sample volumes at industry-leading rates," says Claudia Alvarez, Sr. Product Manager.

About Swift Biosciences
For over 6 years, Swift Biosciences has defined the leading edge of next-generation sequencing assay technologies that propel genomics, translational, and clinical research. The company's growing library of unique and patented technologies feeds a full innovation pipeline of accurate, timesaving, cost-effective, and scalable products that are second to none. Researchers around the world trust in Swift products and expertise when characterizing cancer, inherited, and infectious diseases as well as when developing diagnostic tools and treatments to realize the true potential of personalized medicine. Swift and its impassioned team of specialists are proudly based in Ann Arbor, Michigan where we manufacture our research only products.

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Swift Biosciences Innovates Swift 2S® Sonic DNA Library Kit for a Rapid, Cost-Effective Workflow

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