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Protein Detection Pioneer, NanoMosaic, Prepares to Ship Its Powerful New Beta Platform in the Battle Against Cancer and Complex Diseases

BOSTON, Oct. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- NanoMosaic a leading proteomics company, leveraging the power of MosaicNeedles has developed a complete benchtop system, Tessie, to push the frontier of protein and nucleic acid interrogation. The company has completed its extensive in-house alpha testing, generating an advanced platform to be placed in both industry and academic labs for the company's beta testing program.

NanoMosaic Beta Program Launch

The platform's ease of use will allow for easy integration into the existing workflow for users while maintaining the high level of system performance achieved in alpha testing. The robust Tessie system is designed to enable the complete configuration of protein panels by end users and to enable protein quantification across seven orders of dynamic range.

"Bringing new technology to market typically requires years of development, post launch, with multiple cycles to achieve a level of quality and performance. NanoMosaic's vertically integrated approach has enabled scalability, low cost, and ease of manufacturing in a challenging environment," said Joe Wilkinson, Chief Operating Officer of NanoMosaic. "NanoMosaic has focused on blending a robust product design with focused supply chain operations. This parallel approach has enabled the harmonization of technology development and true vertical manufacturing. Leveraging this pipeline has resulted in an exceedingly robust platform, positioning NanoMosaic well for its Beta program and subsequent commercial launch," Wilkinson continued.

"Tessie allows for label-free detection of proteins and nucleic acids without the need for amplification of the analyte of interest, thus providing true single molecule counts," stated John Boyce, Chief Executive Office, President, and Co-Founder of NanoMosaic, as well as Co-Founder of Tiger Gene. "The combined aspects of a wide dynamic range paired with the ability to obtain true single molecule counts make Tessie a powerful platform equipped to unravel the mysteries of disease by direct interrogation of proteins and nucleic acids," Boyce continued. "The power of MosaicNeedles allows for both the breadth and depth needed to conduct comprehensive biomarker discovery experiments and subsequent validation panels. MosaicNeedles are the novel physical structures that were needed in order to overcome this hurdle," Boyce concluded.

About NanoMosaic
NanoMosaic, a Boston-based biotechnology company, is the first of its kind to leverage the power of nanoneedles for protein detection and quantification and to develop best-in-class assays for biomarker discovery and validation on a single chip. The NanoMosaic platform enables new paradigms, including coverage of the largest dynamic range while maintaining high sensitivity, multiplexing capabilities and label-free assays. The proprietary technology enables rapid custom assay development with varying levels of concentrations on a single chip to develop novel biomarkers and push the frontier of the diagnostics space.

About Tiger Gene L.L.C.
Tiger Gene L.L.C., a Boston-based venture capital firm, co-founded with and funded by Tiger Management L.L.C., invests in early-stage technologies with high-growth trajectories across the life sciences sector. The fund's current portfolio focuses on technology platforms as well as technology derived products and assets across the genomics, proteomics, diagnostics, drug discovery and therapeutics spaces.

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Protein Detection Pioneer, NanoMosaic, Prepares to Ship Its Powerful New Beta Platform in the Battle Against Cancer and Complex Diseases

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