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Creative Biolabs Unveils One-stop Solutions of CAR-macrophage Therapy Development

Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell therapy has been a hot topic in tumor treatment for several years, and as it encounters challenges in solid tumors, such as poor penetration of T cells into tumors, CAR macrophage therapy turns up to be a novel therapy aiming to enhance the ability of CAR cells to attack solid tumors.

Since being founded in 2004, Creative Biolabs has accumulated a wealth of experience in TCR and CAR-T&NK cell immune therapy development and built up an unparalleled CAR design and construction platform for all four CAR generations. Now, it introduces the world-leading Chimeric Antigen Receptor Macrophage (CARMA) services for solid tumor treatment with academic or clinical purposes to the worldwide extent.

  • Target Identification and Selection

With the help of an expert team and top-notch platforms, Creative Biolabs is confident to help clients discover highly potential targets in solid tumor cells, as well as finding suitable CARMA therapy targets of both great potency and low toxicity.

  • CAR-Macrophage Assays

A full set of CAR-macrophage assays is also available at Creative Biolabs. For example, bead engulfment assay mainly uses silica beads of diverse diameters-coated with a supported lipid bilayer to assess engulfment of CAR-macrophages. Bites assay aims at CARMA specificity and function measurement and also enables the design of custom antigens to meet specific research needs.

Other CARMA functional assays cover eating assay, confocal imaging, quantification of whole cell internalization, quantification of bites internalization, FRET assay, etc.

  • Preclinical Tests and Clinical Trials

Preclinical tests and clinical trials are important steps in therapy development. As an expert in constructing animal models for preclinical tests, Creative Biolabs is capable of evaluating both efficacy and toxicity during these stages.

“It’s proud to say that we have had several positive results indicating that the infusion of human CAR-macrophages into tumor-bearing mice leads to long-term tumor control and enhanced survival,” introduced by a senior scientist at Creative Biolabs. “Based on current research, CAR-macrophage therapy is very promising in solid tumor treatment, and our preclinical and clinical tests will highly advance the developing process.”

Apart from the aforementioned services, the whole pipeline of CARMA services also includes high affinity antigen binder generation, CAR design and virus packaging. More information can be reached on


About Creative Biolabs

With more than 15 years’ history, Creative Biolabs has gathered talented scientists working closely with partners from the entire world to develop and produce medicines of tomorrow. Specifically, Creative Biolabs specializes in the one-stop custom services for CAR-T therapy development, TCR modified T cell development, CAR-MA therapy development, cancer vaccine development, drug discovery for CRS management, etc.

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Last Updated: 23-Oct-2020