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Changes in Chinese regulations now allow Wuxi Griffin as a foreign CMO to operate in China

Wuxi Griffin Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd. takes advantage of the changes in Chinese policies allowing CMOs to operate in China. Wuxi Griffin is a new Swedish-Chinese partnership to serve as an international contract manufacturer of aseptic fill pharmaceuticals.

The filling facility is in Wuxi, China, with Western management. The aim is to fill complying to international GMP standard. Very few CMOs have been able to accomplish compliance to international standards, in the Chinese market. There is a gap between the Chinese manufacturers capabilities and the regulatory requirements from the West.

Because of the recent changes in Chinese legislation, a limited number of foreign CMOs have had the opportunity to establish their presence in China. This gives foreign CMOs like Wuxi Griffin, as an international supplier of aseptic fill pharmaceuticals, a great advantage.

“We meet the needs of our Chinese customers wanting western quality pharmaceuticals but also assist western pharmaceutical companies to a fast-track release of their products to the Chinese market”, says Torgny Lundgren, CEO of Wuxi Griffin.

As China has opened up the doors for CMOs, foreign companies are likely to take advantage of this opportunity as the Chinese pharmaceutical market is the fastest growing in the world.

“Wuxi Griffin is able to help companies wanting to expand internationally but choose or might not have the necessary capacity or competence to fill in-house. We have the necessary experience and know-how in aseptic filling of pharmaceuticals, especially regarding compliance to Western GMP”, highlights Torgny.

Changes in Chinese regulations now allow Wuxi Griffin as a foreign CMO to operate in China

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Last Updated: 27-Oct-2020