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Mass Spectrometry Market to Grow due to Rising Adoption by Pharmaceutical Industries

It is of crucial importance that the food industry pays attention to the quality and safety of food products. The water that is utilized in the preparation of different products can be contaminated, thereby leading to production of unhealthy food items. It has been observed that the presence of chemicals, toxins, and pathogens in food products is rising and becoming a primary healthcare concern all around the world. Attributed to these factors, the emphasis on food safety is increasing, and as the identification of microorganisms in food is important for improving its quality, the utilization of mass spectrometry in the food industry is growing swiftly.

The analytical method that is utilized for identifying various compounds on the basis of atomic sample constitution of molecules and their charge state is referred to as mass spectrometry. The method allows analysis of an unknown sample despite the lack of any prior knowledge of its composition. Mass spectrometry is utilized for measuring molar mass, sample purity, or molecular structure; each of these needing a different experimental approach. It is because of these factors, that the global mass spectrometry market is expected to register substantial growth in the years to come.

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The major end users of mass spectrometry are hospitals, pharmaceuticals, academic & research institutes, and life sciences & biotechnology companies. The use of this technology is being extensively used in life sciences applications, including identifying proteins in a peptide fragment, determining the protein structure, relatively or absolutely quantifying proteins in a given sample, protein digestion, chemical modifications, forensic analysis, and disease biomarker detection. The rising number of research and development activities in these applications is further leading to the growing requirement for mass spectrometry products. In addition to this, the growing incidence of metabolic diseases is also expected to drive the mass spectrometry market in the coming years.

Hence, the demand for mass spectrometry devices is growing due to the rising need for screening impurities in the food industry.

Mass Spectrometry Market to Grow due to Rising Adoption by Pharmaceutical Industries

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Last Updated: 03-Nov-2020