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Medical Diagnostics Firm Harnesses the Power of Femto Technology to Water for Revolutionary Medically Therapeutic Uses

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- KMZ Holdings LLC (, a cutting-edge medical diagnostic company owning a patented, proprietary cloud-based evolutionary tool for the medical field, proudly announces a stunning application of subatomic Femto Technology principles to its new product Femto Water.

KMZ employs Femto-based technologies to create a Femto Gold Quad Chip Device (FGQD) to facilitate medical care. Femto Technology works at the genetic, cellular, chromosomes, DNA and amino acid levels. By employing an efficient proprietary system, FGQD attempts to bring changes to the cellular level to resolve many pathologies.

According to Nandan Kundetkar, Chief Science Officer and KMZ Holdings Co-Founder, "As a result of our extensive R&D research where we identified Femto Technology working at a subatomic level, Femto-based products such as our Femto Water can improve disease conditions."

"An example of these successful efforts can be seen with COVID-19 treatment," notes Mr Kundetkar. "At KMZ Holdings, we believe that due to FGQD's healing properties, Femto Water can minimize the severity of COVID-19 symptoms. Thus, it can prove to be vital in providing medical relief to severely sick patients even on ventilators in typically four days."

About KMZ Holdings LLC  
KMZ Holdings ( is a Los Angeles, California entrepreneurial R&D firm dedicated to bringing the most cutting-edge technologies and research in medicine to fruition. Under the scientific genius of Nandan Kundetkar, a prolific inventor and patents holder of an assortment of innovations and technological developments, the applications for KMZ Holdings technologies are nearly endless and will be recognized game changers in many areas that impact the lives and health of people globally.

For investor or media inquiries, please contact KMZ Holdings by mail at

Contact:  Rick Mainiero, CEO
Phone:    +1 (516) 398-4946

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