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Radiation Dose Management Market Overview, Segment Analysis and Future Scope

Driven by the increasing adoption of radiation dose management services and solutions for monitoring the radiation dose in computed tomography (CT) and various other imaging modalities such as nuclear medicine, radiography and mammography, and fluoroscopy and interventional imaging, the global radiation dose management market is predicted to exhibit rapid advancement in the forthcoming years. Furthermore, the implementation of strict government regulations in several countries for preventing the administration of high doses of radiation is massively boosting the growth of the market.

These regulations mandate the provision of reimbursements in cases where the radiation dosage exceeds the permitted levels so that the radiologists adhere to the government guidelines. For example, the National Equipment Manufacturers Association (NEMA) enacted some guidelines in 2014 under the XR-29 for encouraging the adoption of low radiation dosage standards. These guidelines state that the reimbursements for the CT scanners that don’t meet the established dose standards put forth by XR-29 would decrease by as much as 15%.

Depending on end user, the radiation dose management market is classified into super specialty clinics and hospitals. Of these, the hospitals category recorded significantly high growth in the market in the past and this trend will also continue in the upcoming years, primarily due to the large-scale installation of radiation dose management solutions and the high number of diagnostic procedures that were conducted in the hospitals for the diagnosis, treatment, and management of various diseases and ailments.

Till now, the radiation dose management market registered huge expansion in North America as compared to the other regions in the world, as per the findings of P&S Intelligence, a market research firm based in India. The U.S. market exhibited higher growth than the Canadian one, on account of the numerous CT examinations that were conducted in the country in the last few years, the high incidence of different kinds of chronic diseases, and the widespread incorporation of radiation dose management software in the healthcare settings throughout the region.

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Hence, with the growing implementation of strict government regulations and policies in several countries for monitoring the radiation doses being administered in healthcare facilities and the rising awareness amongst the people about the negative effects of radiation, the market will exhibit stable growth all over the world in the future years.

Radiation Dose Management Market Overview, Segment Analysis and Future Scope

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Last Updated: 10-Nov-2020