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PhysioStim appoints Dr. Bruno Le Grand as scientific advisor

Lautrec, France November 17, 2020 – PhysioStim, a preclinical CRO specialized in cardiac electrophysiology, today announces the appointment of Dr. Bruno Le Grand as scientific advisor. Dr. Le Grand’s appointment reinforces the expertise of the PhysioStim team. It will also reinforce the company’s pharmacology research services at the early stages of preclinical development – to secure the pipeline for all its clients.


Dr. Le Grand brings with him over 30 years of invaluable cardiovascular pharmacology and cardiac safety experience. In his new role, he will be in charge of the coordination of research activity and the strategic approach of new technical developments within the company.


PhysioStim has recently been restructured to provide exceptionally high-quality services to its clients. Following the arrival of the new CEO, Renaud Nalin, last year, this appointment comes at a time when the company is reinforcing its commercial offering by developing improved technologies to overcome the, as yet unaddressed, challenges in cardiovascular pharmacology and safety. These include meeting all current ICH S7B guidelines and CiPA (Comprehensive In Vitro Proarrhythmia Assay) recommendations, whilst also responding to industry-standard proof of concept requests, by using innovative scientific approaches.


“We are very excited to welcome Bruno as a scientific advisor at PhysioStim. He is internationally renowned within the electrophysiology sector – in both cardiac safety and pharmacology,” said Renaud Nalin, CEO at PhysioStim. “This appointment combines our technological expertise and Bruno’s scientific expertise, which in turn provides an authentic, exceptionally strong and competitive service to guide our customers.”


Dr. Le Grand is internationally recognized within the cardiovascular world as a scientific expert. He has 25 years’ experience as head of R&D within a cardiovascular business unit at Pierre Fabre, a French pharma company. For the last five years, he has also been CEO of CVasThera, a biotech dedicated to cardiovascular R&D. Dr. Le Grand continues to be an active board member of three biotech companies in this sector. He remains involved in R&D activities and is an active player in the cardiovascular market.


“I’m extremely excited and motivated to join PhysioStim; the research team is highly professional, providing well-recognized input in cardiovascular safety. With a constantly evolving market, there are challenges ahead of us. However, I am confident that, whilst building on our experience, we will succeed in adapting our quality services to meet the needs of our clients,” said Dr. Le Grand. “PhysioStim has some excellent foundations on which we can build, it is known for the quality of its safety investigations and its excellent advice to clients. We will continue to build upon these foundations, to be able to respond to any new regulatory demands whilst meeting the needs of patient safety – which is our priority.”


The cardiac safety market for preclinical CRO is expected to continue to grow in the next few years, from $442 million (€374.3M) in 2019 to $752 million (€636.8M) by 2024, at a CAGR of 11.2%. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, PhysioStim expects a turnover growth above 20% this year, following an equivalent growth in 2019.


About PhysioStim

PhysioStim is a preclinical CRO specialized in cardiac safety assessment models. It is recognized as one of the most trusted medical technology companies in Europe for cardiovascular safety and pharmacology. Since its creation in 2000 the company has continuously strengthened its expertise in high quality scientific and technological services to advance development in these areas. These include electrophysiological studies, preclinical resources and in-depth working knowledge of ICH S7B guidelines, in accordance with GLP standards.

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Last Updated: 17-Nov-2020