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Flu Vaccinations For Seniors Are More Important Than Ever

MIAMI, Nov. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Conviva, the physician-led network of primary care physicians specializing in senior care, is highlighting the importance of influenza, commonly known as flu, vaccinations for seniors.

"In the midst of a flu season complicated by COVID-19, it is more important than ever that seniors receive vaccinations to safeguard their health," said Steve Lee, M.D., president of the Conviva Physician Group. "Conviva knows that aging well begins with staying well, and we encourage everyone, especially our senior patients, to get vaccinated for their protection."

Due to the importance of getting a flu vaccine, Conviva has ensured that its patients can get it at any of its 95 center locations. Conviva, which is comprised of hundreds of primary care physicians in Florida and Texas, has taken precautions to protect senior patients and Conviva team members during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Seniors at Risk
Seniors 65 years of age and older may be at a higher risk of complications from the flu and that is another reason to receive a vaccination as soon as possible to fortify the immune system. Immunity builds over about two weeks and typically lasts through the flu season that ends around April 2021.

"Influenza is serious because the virus reduces the body's ability to fight off infection," said Dr. Lee. "One of the most common complications of the flu is bacterial pneumonia that can affect the lungs and lead to additional complications, especially for seniors that have existing heart or lung conditions."

According to the Centers for Disease Control, between 70 and 85 percent of seasonal flu-related deaths occur in people 65 years and older. Between 50 and 70 percent of seasonal flu-related hospitalizations occur among people in that age group. "Flu vaccines are updated every year to keep up with the changing viruses," noted Dr. Lee. "Getting a seasonal flu shot is important, and as long as flu viruses circulate, vaccinations should continue throughout the flu season into January and sometimes later."

The Conviva Physician Group is continually reaching out to patients and taking pro-active measures for care and counseling. "This virus mutates and changes every year, and seniors with compromised immune systems who may have missed getting a flu shot in the past because of a lack of availability of standard-dose vaccine, need to get one this year because they're in a high-risk category," said William Russell, M.D. managing partner of Conviva Physician Group Palm Beach.

Conviva continues to reinvent excellence in healthcare by embracing meaningful patient relationships focused on producing optimal health outcomes. With more than 90 convenient locations throughout Florida (Broward County, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, Miami-Dade County, Palm Beach County and Tampa/Gulf Coast) and Texas (Corpus Christi, El Paso and San Antonio), the vast network of Conviva Care Centers is comprised of a multi-disciplinary team of more than 300 primary care physicians and over 800 affiliated specialists that provide a wide range of vital healthcare services that patients require daily, including the advantages of senior care activity centers and 24/7 on-call physicians. The success of Conviva is measured by its patients' clinical outcomes and long-term health benefits. To learn more, visit, or call (833) CONVIVA.


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Flu Vaccinations For Seniors Are More Important Than Ever

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