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New Timestrip Indicators Track Vaccine Cold Chain Specifications

Timestrip®, the developer of smart indicator technology, has released two new ranges designed to be used with the latest coronavirus vaccines now becoming available. The indicators track temperature and time, and will ensure that vaccines are fresh when administered to patients.

The Timestrip VTT 24 (Vaccine Thaw Timer) is an event thaw indicator with 24hr time indication calibrated to run at fridge temperatures. It can be packed with vaccines that require storage at -70C in the ultra-cold chain, and automatically starts monitoring as the vaccine is thawed and transferred to chilled conditions at the hospital or surgery. It then tracks the time from thaw at 6hr, 12hr and up to 24hrs, meeting the specifications for use from manufacturers such as Pfizer.   

The Timestrip VRM range (Vaccine Refrigeration Monitor) comprises three indicators. One is designed to indicate the thawing event of the vaccine; another will time 30 days duration in refrigerator conditions (2C-8C), helping the user to manage the vaccine manufacturer’s guidelines for use. Then, when the vaccine has been taken from the refrigerator and prepared for use, a third indicator monitors how long it has been exposed to temperatures above 8C, typically at room temperature. The time ‘run out’ for the VRM VOR12 (Vaccine Out of Refrigerator) is up to 12 hours, with shorter times to an alert being seen at higher temperatures.

These VRM products will help overcome challenges in the handling of Covid vaccines up to the point of administering, and are designed to support the manufacturers’ specification for the handling of vaccines such as those from Moderna.

Both indicators provide a clear irreversible indication to healthcare staff that conditions of storage and handling have exceeded acceptable conditions, and that the vaccine consignment cannot be relied upon.

Based on safe chemical technology, both the VTT 24 and VRM range overcome the limitations of batteries used at ultra-low temperatures.

“We continue to innovate our patented technology to bring the benefits to important applications such as vaccine distribution, supply and last mile handling”, said Nora Murphy, Commercial Director of Timestrip. ”Using these indicators, healthcare professionals worldwide can be supported cost effectively, and guided through soon to be routine practices of handling and managing these vital resources.”

Timestrip has recently added other products to its range in response to coronavirus. These include an indicator to monitor antiviral solutions, and ‘Rapid Diagnostics 15’, a 15 minute timer indicator for use with rapid turnaround lateral flow test kits.

New Timestrip Indicators Track Vaccine Cold Chain Specifications

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Last Updated: 18-Nov-2020