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Good Health Fighting Back Against Our Sedentary Culture

American Fork, Utah, United States, November 20 2020 (Wiredrelease) Tork Media LLC –:The modern world is designed for comfort and consumerism. As we have evolved our culture, we have made these things a priority. Leaving behind the things that really matter, health and community. The result is a society of reclusive people who work only to buy and then do so with the most labour-saving methods possible. If it is easier, it is progress. But there is a terrible cost to this sedentary existence. Most people are in terrible health and are overweight as well. Despite having all the knowledge of the modern age to exercise and eat effectively. We reject these things as being too hard, too inconvenient, or even impossible. In our efforts to improve our lives, we avoid the things that would do exactly that.

The internet, which can be the thing to save us from our destructive ways, has the help we need. But most people choose only the information streams that reflect our attitude and reinforce our behaviours. Google Ads, has built an empire around serving customers the input and the marketing they are more likely to respond to. It is not their fault, they are fulfilling the dreams of the consumer, and they are not the guardians of our lifestyle. It is up to us to change our habits, to demand to burn calories and to choose nutritious foods. Here are some suggestions.

  • Use Your Opportunities: Your day is full of opportunities to burn calories and get your heart rate elevated. For example, you can park further away at the store, walk to work, or use the stairs instead of the lift. You could buy a bike and go for a ride once a day. When you are at home, you could easily do some exercises on a mat. Any form of increased activity is a form of preventative medicine. However, increasing your heart rate for 20 minutes or more once a day is better than many short bursts of energy. So, you should set aside a half hour a day for doing some form of exercise.


  • Make a Commitment About Nutrition: people seem to know all sorts of statistics these days about things that don’t matter, like celebrities and video games. It would be better if you learned how food works and then used your daily diet to improve your health, rather than to destroy it. Even just cutting down the amount of sugar you consume will make a big difference.


  • Track Your Progress: Studies have proven that exercise plans and diets work much better when people record their behaviour and track their progress. Just the act of recording what you eat in a day has been shown to cause people to eat less. And there is no greater motivation than to step on a scale or to use a tape measure and see that you have lost some weight.

It is actually very simple to do better with your health, you simply must fight the lies that you tell yourself to keep you from trying. Every day is an opportunity to get healthier. Just look for your opportunities and seize on them. It is much better to be interested in your health, than your comfort.

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