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Protheragen—a Provider of Intermediary Services, Equity Investment and Project Incubation

To build a bridge between biotechnology and drug R&D companies, Protheragen was founded in Ronkonkoma, New York, 2009. Its mission is to help accelerate the discovery and development of new therapies by combining efforts from researchers and investors to tackle nearly all problems arising from this process. To achieve this, the most fundamental step is to help finance those innovative research projects if they are lacking money.

Protheragen’s intermediary service is developed exactly for this purpose. With great expertise and responsibility, Protheragen grows at a fast pace and has achieved a reputation in the industry. However, to better serve the increasing and diversified needs, it decides to broaden its business range by adding the other two services—equity investment and project incubation. And offices have been established at different locations at China and the US so as to improve communication efficiency and conduct relevant research.

The three distinctive businesses at Protheragen are as follows:

Intermediary Service

Services include assisting high-quality pharmaceutical R&D projects with fundraising, in-/out-licensing, and establishing co-development partnerships. In addition, we provide opportunities for our clients connecting with other incubators and accelerators in China and the US.

Project incubation

Through flexible and unique project management model, Protheragen has reached alliance with many international pharmaceutical companies and scientific research institutions regarding project incubation and development.

Equity investment
Protheragen highly values the uniqueness of innovative early stage drug development projects and is committed to invest in them, helping scientists with bright program ideas and persuasive preclinical results to build their startup business from scratch. Areas of investment include: protein/polypeptide therapeutics, immunotherapies, CAR-T therapies, stem cells, oncolytic viruses, gene therapies, vaccines, small molecules

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About Protheragen

After endeavors in the past decade and more, Protheragen grown to be a trust-worthy intermediary service provider. In order to bring out more for our clients, it has shifted to strategies that require constantly seeking of high-quality novel drug research and development programs, which are open to collaboration opportunities. Relying on strong industry resources and connections built up throughout the years, the company welcomes partnerships in areas of equity investment, intermediary service and project incubation.


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Last Updated: 24-Nov-2020