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Protheragen Offers Acquisition Opportunity for A Complete Pentapeptide Library

Founded in Ronkonkoma, New York, 2009, Protheragen has been serving as a bridge between academics and industry. It recently announced an opportunity for the acquisition of Complete Pentapeptide Library for researchers and companies who are engaged with peptide therapeutics discovery. This library platform can be used to screen potential candidates in drug discovery projects.

Constructing complete peptide libraries such as a complete pentapeptide library is now an improved peptide library preparation method. The Complete Pentapeptide Library offers by Protheragen has made many breakthroughs. First, it provides nearly 0.5 billion peptide sequences. Second, the affinity purified 75,000 cyclic peptides can bind to desired targets for high-throughput screening. Last but not least, the library makes drug development more efficient and less costly.

In the past decades, peptide therapeutics enjoys growing popularity for the treatment of many diseases such as tumors, cardiovascular diseases as well as endocrine and metabolic disorders. The credit goes to the excellent performance of peptides. Compared to other drug molecules, they have advantages like higher specificity and better predictability of side effects. Experiments have verified that the peptides screened by this complete pentapeptide library were highly stable and specific.

Application of this invaluable library is multi-faced, which mainly include:

  • Screening candidate peptides from the cyclic peptide library in a fast manner.
  • Optimization of candidate peptides to select a lead candidate.
  • More value of the technology and library can be more deeply explored and maximized based on cooperation agreements.

Currently, the technology used to build the pentapeptide library has applied for patents in China, USA, Europe, Australia, Japan and other countries. European patent has been granted by the EPO.  For more information about how to acquire this library, please visit or just directly send us an email.

About Protheragen

Missioned to bringing out more value for clients, Protheragen has been actively involved with intermediary service, project incubation and equity investment. The company has been constantly seeking for high-quality novel drug research and development programs and provides open collaboration opportunities for pharmaceutical companies that intend to enrich their research projects or product lines. Relying on strong industry resources and connections built up throughout the years, Protheragen now offers great licensing opportunities for various treatment therapies, including antibody therapy, oncolytic virotherapy, recombinant protein therapy, small molecules, cell therapy, and RNA therapy.


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Last Updated: 24-Nov-2020