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Comizla Biomedical Launches Non-Steroidal OTC Psoriasis Treatment

A smarter way to fight Psoriasis without steroids' side effects. Comizla is the first-of-its-kind, non-prescription psoriasis therapy cream enriched with stem cells.

HOUSTON - December 15, 2020 - (

​​Houston-based lab Comizla Biomedical has just launched the US release of its steroid-free psoriasis treatment, its Comizla Psoriasis Stem Cell Therapy Cream. Leveraging leading-edge stem cell technology to deliver relief, the over-the-counter product works within the skin’s microbiome to maintain the healthy balance of “good” bacteria essential to skin health.

Its active ingredient, Enzyme-4 smart stem cells, goes to work upon application, restoring balance to psoriasis-affected skin almost immediately. The first of its kind, according to Comizla president David Trott, the new cream utilizes Comizla’s patented technology to target and destroy specific “allergen” in patients’ skin, leaving their skin with an ideal microbiome.

Additionally, Trott points out, the cream can halt psoriasis flareups in as little as 24 hours. He says, “Many of the patients who have already tried experience significantly clearer skin in a week or less, thanks to its breakthrough formula.”

Alongside the biome-balancing plant-based stem cells, the formula contains nature-sourced moisturizers that help speed relief to red, itchy patches of skin, classic symptoms of psoriasis, he advises.

Tested and recommended by dermatologists, the product is free from fragrance, parabens, alcohol, and other skin-irritating ingredients. Its formula includes only the bare essentials, decreasing the possibility of an allergic reaction. Since it’s steroid-free, it helps build back soft, healthy skin. Overuse of topical steroids, on the other hand, can cause changes in both the outer layers of one’s skin, as well as to the underlying connective tissue. Those changes cause the skin to age prematurely, causing a shiny, wrinkled appearance.

Trott says, “Since all its ingredients are natural and hypo-allergenic, the cream is safe to use with minimum side effects.”

He adds, “Using it proactively during one’s first few flareups can protect your child from developing the leathery, lumpy skin characteristic of those who suffer for years with the condition.”

However, he notes, people who have had psoriasis for years have demonstrated visible results, decreasing damage and restoring their skin to health. More than 12,000 patients have already experienced the product’s benefits during its initial trial, Trott says.

Patients need only apply the cream twice a day, but they should continue to use it even after a flareup. Since the product works by restoring and maintaining a healthy microbiome on the skin, users must maintain their daily regimen. As an over-the-counter product, no prescription is necessary for customers to purchase it. Each purchase includes access to the company’s team of skincare specialists for product support, as well as a 100 percent money-back guarantee.

With more than 30 million Americans who deal with psoriasis, this natural treatment will likely be a welcome relief from the annoying and often debilitating condition. People interested in learning more about the new product can find more details on the Comizla website.

Comizla Biomedical Lab ( develops plant-sourced skincare products that provide patients with natural alternative remedies for chronic skin conditions, such as psoriasis. Their nature-based products have earned the endorsement of leading dermatologists, patients, and condition-specific non-profit groups worldwide. With a wealth of positive testimonials from both patients and their health care providers, their products give patients safe, effective alternatives to topical steroids.

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