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GermFlare Searchlight passes Validation Testing against SARS-CoV-2

Copenhagen Denmark, Dec, 2020 | Led on Technology, Denmark, announced today that the GermFlare searchlight has been proven highly successful against the SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID-19)

The test is part of a larger HAI research project but can already now confirm that a >99.99% level of disinfection was safely achieved in less than 2 seconds at a user-friendly distance of 20 cm (8 inches). Validation was conducted at the accredited certified Hvidovre Hospital, Denmark, which conducts development and evaluation programs in the areas of infectious disease and vaccine use for healthcare and public service use in Denmark in a BSL-4 lab.

"We can already now confirm that a >99.99% level of disinfection was safely achieved in less than 2 seconds at a user-friendly distance of 20 cm."

GermFlare, the latest in a line of lighting innovations developed by the Danish Company LED on Technologies, is a unique solution available to front line workers combatting the global pandemic. Rechargeable battery powered, it is energy efficient, lightweight, and conveniently fits into the utility belt or patient care tool kit utilized by the targeted user base.

Using advanced UVC LED technology supplied by Livermore, CA based Bolb Incorporated, the leading technology company in the UVC LED space and a patented focused optics, GermFlare precisely delivers powerful non-toxic chemical-free disinfection capabilities utilizes a combination of wavelength mixing to deepen efficacy with a novel guidance narrow beam to enhance aiming. Professionals can achieve up to 99.99% reduction of pathogens on surfaces with proper usage establishing confidence and trust.

"The GermFlare team has long experience delivering well-designed, high quality lighting products to our clients. We decided to apply our expertise to mitigate the spread of the virus and pathogens and assisting front line workers and the patients, business owners, and citizens they are charged with protecting” adds Flemming Dahlin, President of Led on Technologies.

About Led on Technologies

Led on Technologies is a Danish based clean technology lighting solutions design and solution house serving OEM and private label client needs since 2002. They are currently focused on providing proprietary UVC LED based solutions within Air cleaning, water purification and the Horticultural sector. Led on Technologies is searching for a Partner, Distributor, OEM etc. to introduce GermFlare to a region of their own choice.

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