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CurraNZ, the sports and nutrition supplement made from New Zealand blackcurrants, has been awarded the Best Post-Workout Product by the European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance for 2020. In addition, the product was named runner-up in the Best Sports Nutrition Product category.

 Judged by an esteemed panel of international experts, and among some of the biggest names in sports nutrition, CurraNZ received praise for its evidence-based approach, with judges commenting that “CurraNZ is a strongly science-backed product that delivers on a real need in the sports nutrition recovery space. A really interesting product that is starting to make a difference.”

 Fleur Cushman, Director at CurraNZ, said: “We are delighted to have been recognized by the European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance Awards 2020. CurraNZ really is a great product to support all forms of exercise and sport, and at all levels. Informed-Sport Certified, CurraNZ is used by sports teams across the globe and organisations since 2015. The secret lies in the origins of the blackcurrants, which are from New Zealand, where the high ultraviolet sunlight stimulates the berry into producing extremely high levels of anthocyanins.”

 CurraNZ is a 100% natural sports and nutrition supplement, containing 300mg of New Zealand blackcurrant extract. New Zealand blackcurrants contain anthocyanins at higher levels than other berries and are rich in antioxidants and compounds that naturally increase blood flow. The anthocyanins also have a positive effect on fat metabolism and oxygen delivery.

 Regarded as ‘nature’s biological response modifiers’, the flavonoids and anthocyanins in CurraNZ also help promote beneficial inflammatory events while dampening chronic responses. The bioactives in the extract help promote the right anti-inflammatory processes in the right way, at the right time.

 Fleur Cushman adds: “Reigning British 1500m Indoor/Outdoor Champion George Mills, 2019 World Multisport Champion Dougal Allan and 2019 AG Kona Champion Laura Addie are just a few examples of athletes who have used CurraNZ at the very top of British and international sport, with outstanding success.  In 2018, Kiko Matthews became the fastest woman to cross the Atlantic unsupported, taking almost a week off the record. Kiko, a novice rower, used CurraNZ twice a day throughout and revealed afterwards that she had barely suffered any muscle soreness after up to 15 hours a day rowing in her 49-day challenge, thanks to CurraNZ.

 “And unlike many ‘recovery’ products, CurraNZ isn’t a one-trick pony, and has a multitude of health benefits that support the function of the immune system, aids blood flow and vascular function, helps support glycaemic function and the polyphenols act as a key food source for gut microbiome.”

Ian Craig, the editor of Functional Sports Nutrition Magazine who co-hosted the online event and said: “Every company should be extremely proud of what they have achieved and be excited for the future.

 “We have scrutinised the most impressive sports nutrition brands and products from the last year and today’s event showcases some of the world’s best sports nutrition products available.”

 These accolades follow on from the Nutra Ingredients Asia Sports Nutrition Product of the Year Award in September - more recognition for CurraNZ and the science underpinning its multitude of sports and health benefits.

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Last Updated: 23-Dec-2020