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Techorizon announces the launch of the latest version of THeCRF 4.0

Techorizon announces the launch of the latest version of THeCRF 4.0

Verona, Italy, 12 January , 2021 - Techorizon, a worldwide provider of technology solutions for the Life Sciences industry founded in 2009, announced today the launch of the latest version of its electronic data capture tool, THeCRF 4.0 .

With 15 years of experience of providing high-quality e-tools and services for the Life Sciences, THeCRF 4.0 is built from the experience of hundreds of Project Managers, Investigators and Monitors. It is self-configurable and quick and easy to build: this new system turned months into weeks and weeks into hours. THeCRF can be implemented as a standalone tool, and according to each need, many add-on modules or EDC services can be added.

“Techorizon has remodelled its data collection folder with new solutions that allow you to leave the hospital perimeter and enter patients' homes more easily via smartphone, tablet or PC. The integration of external tools such as wearable devices are no longer an option but are in fact becoming an alternative to future diagnostic models” commented Silvio Severini, Managing Director of Techorizon. “Whatever the Industry or type of clinical project, THeCRF captures data efficiently and cost-effectively so that the clients can focus on making the right decisions for each of their projects. We constantly focus on improving our quality management system, relying on cutting-edge technologies and strict security standards” added Silvio Severini.

A robust and well-organized tool yet flexible enough, THeCRF can be easily designed accordingly to each process.

The most appreciated capabilities of THeCRF include:

• Welcome Dashboard with a customizable widget

• The automatized set up

• Third party integration module

• Cohort Management and Multiple Case Report Form (CRF) implementation tool

• On-demand reporting schedules

• Data export in the most popular formats

• Post-it comment and note functionality

• Image Management and evaluation

• Integrated digital signing


Techorizon is a worldwide provider of technology solutions for the Life Sciences. Founded in 2009 as a spin-off of the IT department of CROMSOURCE, an international Clinical Research Organisation, Techorizon supplies advanced solutions and services to the healthcare environment.

It combines technical expertise with 15 years of experience and deep understanding of clinical research processes to deliver innovative and customised technology solutions to its clients.

Techorizon's products and services are tailored to offer the best technological solutions for sponsors, CROs and academic and non-profit organisations.

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