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Augmented Analytics: Three Use Cases Business Leaders Need to Know | Quantzig

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#AI--With augmented analytics capabilities becoming critical drivers of success, Quantzig, a leading BI and analytics service provider, unravels three uses cases that businesses must look out for in 2021. Learn more about the impact of these trends by requesting more information from our experts.

According to the analytics experts at Quantzig, “By focusing on improving their augmented analytics capabilities by leveraging ML and NLP, businesses will finally be able to make use of all the data they collect, changing data management and analysis from a challenge to a market differentiator.”

Augmented analytics adoption was one of the most talked-about topics in 2020. Its adoption is expected to continue through 2021, impacting businesses across verticals. Today, the main challenge for businesses revolves around analyzing the huge troves of data sets available to them. With data complexity on the rise, businesses are faced with three major challenges that prevent teams from maximizing the ROI generated from their data. It includes data preparation, data integration, and insight generation. Request a FREE proposal to learn how advanced analytics capabilities can help you tackle most of the data management challenges facing businesses today.

Augmented Analytics – Top Three Use Cases

Recent collaborations with leading companies globally helped us understand the main challenge facing businesses today- ‘Data Complexity.’

Data Integration – A fundamental area where augmented analytics can deliver significant benefits across business verticals is data integration. Leveraging augmented analytics for data integration can help businesses capture and deliver critical data-driven insights across the enterprise to expedite insight generation and data decisioning.

Speak to our experts to gain more insights into the role of augmented analytics.

Business Process Management – Integrating augmented analytics into core business processes can help businesses achieve several benefits in the long-run. Embedding augmented analytical capabilities into existing dashboards can complement KPIs with new views of data sets that never existed before.

Insight Automation - Augmented analytics can deliver automated insights to teams across an enterprise, allowing them to assess performance and brand health insights, identify growth opportunities, and analyze and benchmark the competition.

Adopting a tactical approach that leverages machine learning and natural language processing can help tackle data challenges by making these processes less cumbersome. Not only does augmented analytics accelerate insight generation, but it frees up data teams and business leaders to move beyond analysis and focus on synthesis, recommendation, and creative thinking.

Based on our past experiences of executing analytics projects for leading companies, we understand the challenges faced by businesses across industries. Hence, we have put together a comprehensive portfolio of advanced analytics solutions to help key decision-makers drive profits using data-backed decision-making. Book a FREE Demo to gain limited-period complimentary access to our proprietary augmented analytics platforms.

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