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Syntekabio Signs Joint Development Agreement with Hanmi Science

Syntekabio (KOSDAQ: 226330), an AI and NGS-based drug development company, announced that it has signed multiple co-development agreement on 14th January with Hanmi Science (KOSPI: 008930) to develop COVID-19 treatments utilzing drug repositioning technologies.

After signing an MOU with Hanmi Science in September 2020 to develop COVID-19 drug candidates using drug repurposing, Syntekabio has been discussing specific cooperation plans. Through the contract, Syntekabio will also collaborate with Hanmi Science to drive clinical development for its proprietary COVID-19 treatments (Zafirlukast-sulfinpyrazone combination therapy) and subsequent drug repositioning research including clinical development and regulatory affairs.

Under the agreement, the two companies aim to discover existing drug candidates’ potential efficacy against COVID-19, and various diseases by utilizing Syntekabio’s proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) drug discovery platform, the Deepmatcher®.

In addition, Syntekabio and Hanmi Science work together to develop a digital therapeutics platform for clinical practice. Drug repurposing and indication expansion research data derived from Syntekabio’s proprietary AI-based drug discovery platform will be enlisted on the project.

Tyson Kim, the CEO of Syntekabio, said “We expect to accelerate clinical trials and other developments for COVID-19 treatments from the synergy created by collaborating Hanmi Science. We will concentrate our capabilities on both companies to deliver significant outcome.”

Jongyoon Lim, the CEO of Hanmi Science, said “Multiple therapeutics and vaccines received emergency use authorization from regulatory agencies, and the in-silico simulation would be an optimal approach for drug repurposing. This would be the first medical contents presented by digital therapeutics of Lightspeed Task Force, initiated by Hanmi Science.”

Syntekabio Signs Joint Development Agreement with Hanmi Science

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Last Updated: 14-Jan-2021