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Theramex launches Livogiva®, a new teriparatide pre-filled pen for the treatment of severe osteoporosis

Theramex launches Livogiva®, a new teriparatide pre-filled pen for the treatment of severe osteoporosis

London, January 18 2021: Theramex has today launched Livogiva® to patients in Europe for the first time. The treatment has been launched initially in Germany, with availability in other EU countries soon to follow – including France, Italy and Spain. Livogiva is a new presentation of teriparatide, the only bone anabolic treatment for osteoporosis, which has been developed as a pre-filled pen making it easy to use for patients at high risk of fractures.

Osteoporosis remains largely underdiagnosed and undertreated across Europe, resulting in a large number of fractures. Among the population aged over 50 years, one in three women and one in five men will suffer a fragility fracture.1 Hip, spine and wrist fractures are the most common fractures, which have a debilitating impact on daily activities and quality of life.1

“Improving women’s health is our key focus at Theramex and our commitment to supporting people with osteoporosis is an important part of this. The launch of Livogiva, a biosimilar, in the new pre-filled pen will expand patient choice and allow more women access to these important medicines. This new addition adds to our growing portfolio of medicines for all stages of osteoporosis from prevention with Calcium and Vitamin D to treatments which currently includes a next generation oral bisphosphonate which has flexible administration requirements for patients. We hope these medicines will make a real difference to the lives of women across Europe,” said Robert Stewart, CEO of Theramex.

Livogiva is a biosimilar of the reference medicine Forsteo®, teriparatide, and therapeutic equivalence has been demonstrated in a Phase III clinical study in patients with severe osteoporosis who were treated for 6 months.2 Teriparatide is made up of the active sequence of human parathyroid hormone. It stimulates bone formation by acting directly on osteoblasts.

“With osteoporosis still recognised as being hugely under treated, we welcome any new possibility that will expand the therapy options available to patients. As Livogiva can be administered by the patients themselves via the pre-filled pen, this has the potential to reduce the number of hospital and osteoporosis center visits as well as reducing the burden on nursing staff, saving precious hospital and general medical resources,” commented Dr Thomasius, Frankfurt Institute of Bone Health, Germany

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Last Updated: 19-Jan-2021