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New CRO from China joins Repositive Cancer Model network, increasing model database size by 87%

Cambridge, UK21 January 2021 — Life Science Newswire — Repositive has announced today that IDMO will be joining its global network of CRO partners. Based internationally in China, IDMO is a fast-growing CRO with over 6 years of experience in developing mouse PDX models for cancer research and personalised medicine. With this new partnership, Repositive is expanding its global reach and model selection to support more biopharma customers in sourcing the right preclinical cancer models for their oncology drug development programmes.


Repositive’s core offering is a specialist and confidential concierge service, namely the Cancer Models Scout (CMS), which provides tailored model recommendations to cancer researchers based on a search across Repositive’s extended global network of 20,000+ preclinical models. Customers receive a data-rich report of all identified matching models within 2-4 weeks of submitting a query, which helps to significantly speed up the sourcing of cancer models for preclinical oncology studies. Repositive has a growing track record of saving researchers months to years by connecting them to the right cancer models in a much faster timeframe.


“We are excited to be adding another CRO to our list of partners this early in the year. Following our recent pivot towards the Cancer Model Scout offering, we are committed to ensuring the continued growth of our CRO network so that we can optimise our model search capabilities for all our biopharma customers,” said Catherine McDermott, CEO of Repositive.


“We are very happy to be partnering with Repositive and sharing our unique collection of 7000+ PDX models with a wider audience. Each of our models comes with a complete set of clinical data, and can be used for various applications, including the study of tumorigenesis mechanisms and for in-depth efficacy assessments of anti-tumour drugs. Our biobank of models is growing constantly, with over 200 PDX models added every month, and we are excited to become part of the Repositive CRO network.” said Siying Peng, CEO of IDMO.

Repositive also provide unlimited access to their Cancer Models Platform as part of the CMS service, which displays curated and standardised metadata from over 8,000 preclinical cancer models, made available for biopharma researchers to browse anytime, anywhere. The platform provides the option of filtering content by primary site, model type, subtype, gene mutation, variant, treatment and treatment response.  This helps to lessen the workload for researchers and in-house bioinformatics teams supporting in vivo oncology researchers by providing an easy-access interface through which additional model queries can be performed.

IDMO is currently running a limited time promotion for a free pilot study for interested customers. Book a meeting to learn more.


About Repositive

Repositive operates with the ultimate goal of helping to accelerate cancer drug development and bring treatments and cures to patients more quickly. They partner with contract research organisations (CROs) worldwide to provide a bespoke model search concierge service, the Cancer Model Scout, to support researchers working in oncology to find the right cancer models for their studies. They also organise and curate cancer model data from partner CROs, and present this inventory of models online, via their Cancer Models Platform. Repositive’s main mission is to help preclinical oncology researchers speed up their projects and increase translational success by enabling them to find and source the most suitable cancer models for their needs.


About IDMO

Founded in 2014, IDMO is a contract research organisation based in China, specialising in HuCD34+ mice, PDX mouse models and efficacy study services. IDMO have generated over 7000 PDX models across a wide range of cancers, including colorectal cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer and pancreatic cancer, with lower passage models (P2, P3) available to support translational preclinical oncology research into over 20 human cancer types. IDMO also have capabilities for evaluating tumour immunotherapies via their double humanized mouse models (HuNPI®), which can be used for in vivo efficacy and toxicity studies of CAR-T cell and TCR-T cell therapies, immune checkpoint therapies, bispecific antibody therapies and combination therapies.

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Last Updated: 22-Jan-2021