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RauCon Guarantees Business Development Event Planning Dependability

Postponed exhibitions and conferences are a nuisance for executives. RauCon guarantees that all its business development events take place at the confirmed dates.

(PresseBox) (Heidelberg, 01.02.21) Many organisers cancel or postpone exhibitions and conferences nowadays, much to the dismay of executives who keep on changing plans and re-arranging agenda items. With its game-changing new event concept, RauCon guarantees that no euroPLX or asiaPLX Marketplace for Pharma Business Opportunities will be postponed or cancelled as in the early days of the pandemic. All one-on-one business meetings will take place as announced at

The newly designed, pandemic-proof concept is resilient enough not to be affected by any lockdown or closure of conference facilities. Two on-site meetings days are embedded in a total of 30 individually tailorable days of digital or personal interaction. If pandemic conditions require, the on-site meetings days will be switched to video mode, obviating the need for postponement. An individual attendee can switch all pre-arranged one-on-one negotiations to video mode and move meeting dates and time just as work or travel plans require.

Says Dr. Norbert Rau, the co-founder of Heidelberg, Germany, based RauCon GmbH & Co. KG: „Business Development must go on, no matter what. With the new euroPLX/asiaPLX Marketplace concept, customers enjoy an unmatched degree of flexibility, tailor their business meetings exactly to their needs, and hold them physically or virtually in a secure online environment, just as they like or need.“RauCon GmbH & Co. KGSince more than 25 years the Heidelberg, Germany, based service provider RauCon GmbH & Co. KG runs an online exchange for pharma business opportunities and a platform to arrange either real (in-person) or virtual (video) business meetings, or both.

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Last Updated: 01-Feb-2021