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Heritage Cannabis Announces Purefarma and Pura Vida Products are now Available Online on the EndoDNA Site

TORONTO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Heritage Cannabis Holdings Corp. (CSE: CANN) (OTCQX: HERTF) (“Heritage” or the “Company”), today announced that its Purefarma and Pura Vida products are now available on the EndoDNA site

The EndoDNA test launched in Canada in late 2019 through Heritage’s partly owned subsidiary Endocanna Health Inc. (“Endocanna”). The test, which is available on, analyzes over 500 genes and more than 550,000 Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in the human body, and provides a personalized Endo·Decoded report through a secure portal, identifying how an individual’s specific genetic makeup interacts with cannabinoids and terpenes.

The EndoDNA test guides individuals based on these results, and provides genetically aligned product recommendations, now including Purefarma and Pura Vida products, that will offer individuals a more optimal experience with cannabis.

“Having our products available through is another channel for consumers to access our award winning products, and to provide individuals with the tools and resources to make confident decisions when incorporating cannabis into their lives,” stated Clint Sharples, CEO of Heritage. “We continue to expand our product offerings throughout Canada’s provincial boards, and on-line platforms in and effort to maximize consumer access to our sought-after products.”

“EndoDNA is truly a personalized experience when it comes to selecting cannabis products with the right cannabinoid profile and assists with choosing formulation, dosage, and best delivery method for consumers needs,” commented Len May, Endocanna Health co-founder and CEO. “Finding the right product for specific needs can be challenging and now with Purefarma and Pura Vida added to the products offered on, consumers will have access to a greater selection of high quality products.”

About Heritage Cannabis Holdings Corp.

Heritage is a cannabinoid company focused on the production and sale of medical and recreational hemp-based and cannabis-based products and services. In Canada, Heritage operates through its subsidiaries Voyage Cannabis Corp. and CannaCure Corp., both regulated under the Cannabis Act Regulations. Working under these subsidiaries and the Purefarma, Pura Vida and Premium 5 brands, Heritage focuses on extraction and the creation of derivative products for recreational consumers, as well as the formulation of cannabis based medical solutions. In the U.S., Heritage operates under Opticann Inc., a Colorado based oral and topical cannabinoid company with the rights to exclusively sell CBD and CBG products made with the patented VESIsorb® drug delivery system for optimized absorption and stability. As the parent company, Heritage is focused on providing the resources for its subsidiaries to advance their products or services to compete both domestically and internationally.

About Endocanna Health™, Inc.

Endocanna is a biotechnology research company that utilizes a patent-pending process for its cannabinoid DNA variant report, EndoDecoded™ and product matching algorithm, EndoAligned™. EndoDNA™ provides two ways to submit DNA for analysis, either collected through a simple saliva swab or a direct upload of genetic data files from popular DNA testing services like Ancestry, 23andMe, Family TreeDNA, or MyHeritageDNA. Endocanna’s HIPAA compliant and secure health and wellness portal,, provides customers with a personalized experience where they can access their Endo·Decoded report and Endo·Aligned formulation suggestions for their specific genotype. In 2019, cannabis producer Heritage Cannabis Holdings (CSE:CANN;OTC:HERTF) acquired a 30 percent stake in Endocanna Health Inc.


“Clint Sharples”

Clint Sharples

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