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Vygon Group takes part in UICC World Cancer Day 2021

Écouen, France, February 3, 2021 — Vygon, a specialist single-use medical devices group, is taking part in World Cancer Day 2021 – led by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) – on February 4, 2021. This year, Vygon will be working with an artist -herself a former cancer patient – who has drawn illustrations to chronicle the day-to-day life of those living with cancer as part of an illustrated support booklet, designed to be provided to patients on diagnosis.


The booklet is based on genuine patient experiences. It gives an accurate – sometimes humorous – insight into life after a cancer diagnosis. The booklet follows Sarah, a ‘typical’ cancer patient, as she deals with her emotions following diagnosis. One of its aims is to create a visual aid that shines a light on the courage that patients show as they face the ordeal of cancer. The booklet also recognizes the incredible work of hospital staff, carers and associations that work side by side with patients. It will be offered to hospitals and patient groups as a way of providing cancer patients with support and a ray of hope.


“World Cancer Day is a chance for Vygon to share our human-focused values and live up to our slogan – Value Life,” said Stéphane Regnault, CEO of Vygon. “Cancer is the second biggest killer worldwide and fighting it is one of Vygon’s key priorities.”


On February 4, Vygon will be holding a webinar for its worldwide staff, during which the artist will talk about her experience as an artist and cancer patient. She will also explain why she chose to collaborate with Vygon on the booklet.


Vygon will also be involved in other activities for World Cancer Day. A fundraising sports challenge has been organized; the money raised will go to La Montagne, a unit for young people with cancer being looked after at the Gustave Roussy Institute in Villejuif, France. A book and toy drive is also planned, with donations going to sick children at the Institute. More activities have been arranged further afield, such as a webinar in Asia in partnership with the Singapore Cancer Society, which will focus on the importance of regular screening and early detection. Vygon teams in South Africa are doing their part, creating an information leaflet on implantable ports used in chemotherapy.


Vygon is working with oncology specialists and experts to design and develop cancer treatment products that are more effective and more comfortable for patients. These innovations allow Vygon to do its part in continuously improving the day-to-day care and wellbeing of patients. Vygon supplies hospitals worldwide with implantable port catheters, central venous catheters, safety Huber needles, closed system transfer devices and more.


World Cancer Day was first commemorated on February 4, 2000 at the World Summit Against Cancer for the New Millennium Charter of Paris. It is an initiative by the Union for International Cancer Control, the largest international cancer organization in the world. Since it began, there have been nearly 950 events held in 127 countries and 62 governments have taken part.


To learn more about Vygon’s initiatives for International Cancer Day on February 4, please visit our Twitter and Instagram.


About Vygon

Vygon designs, manufactures and markets high-tech single-use medical devices for healthcare professionals in hospital and for private and independent practitioners. Vygon is a world leader within this industry, offering a wide range of products in a number of clinical specialties. Organized in five business units (Intensive Care – Obstetrics Neonatology Enteral – Intravascular Therapies – Cardiovascular & Surgery – Anesthesia & Emergency), Vygon combines local and international in-depth expertise and know-how in each individual field. With expertise right along the value chain, from product design to the delivery of training for medical personnel, Vygon provides health care professionals with effective and innovative products tailored to their needs and those of their patients, for optimum use and safety.

The company distributes over 205 million products a year in more than 120 countries through its network of 26 subsidiaries and 331 distributors. Vygon products display the CE and/or FDA mark and are manufactured in the group’s eight factories in Europe, the USA and Colombia. A family company founded in 1962, Vygon is based in Ecouen, in France’s Greater Paris region. It is a mid-sized business employing 2,350 staff worldwide. The turnover in 2019 was €338 million ($395.6M), with 81% of this derived from Vygon’s international business.

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