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Contact Center Analytics: Transcending Performance With a Relentless Focus on Customer Satisfaction | Quantzig

• Contact center data volumes are expected to continue increasing through 2021 across channels like phone, email, chatbots, website, and social media

• Data proliferation has enabled businesses to create a holistic view of customer journeys and analyze service requirements

• Advanced analytic solutions help achieve a 6% to 8% reduction in annual costs while simultaneously improving customer satisfaction and business value

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#AI--Quantzig, a leader in delivering scalable analytics and data science services, announced the completion of its new article that sheds light on How Contact Center Analytics Can Help Businesses Enhance Customer Satisfaction and Achieve High-Performance Standards.

Organizations that lack advanced analytics are leaving significant customer service improvement opportunities on the table. But to fully reap the advantages of contact center analytics, businesses must build robust strategies to drive decision making,” says an analytics expert at Quantzig.

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In today's business world, reducing the cost of operations and enhancing customer satisfaction is a top priority for businesses across industries. Advanced analytics solutions like contact center analytics help enhance customer satisfaction and drive business value at a significantly lower cost. Deploying an analytical framework for call quality analysis and voice of customer analysis (VoC) also empowers businesses to rationalize processes and drive strategies through sophisticated root-cause analysis. Request a FREE proposal to learn more about the engagement options for our solutions.

How Contact Center Analytics Can Help Drive Business Value and Improve Customer Satisfaction

  1. Improved average handling time (AHT): Speech and text-based data sets comprise several unstructured data sets. With contact center text analytics, businesses can generate meaningful insights and identify potential AHT improvements.
  2. Reduced repeat call rates: Adopting an analytical approach to analyzing and segmenting calls can help identify opportunities to reduce repeat call rates.
  3. Enhanced service-to-sales success rate: Businesses can rely on insights from contact center analytics solutions to analyze successful sales calls and offer personalized solutions based on a customer’s profile.

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Overcoming the challenges and achieving business success requires call centers to redefine their customer satisfaction and experience management approach. Right from defining KPIs to implementing new processes and investing in advanced analytics, tackling challenges requires an incremental approach backed by data. Given the growing popularity and use cases of analytics across industries, contact centers can also take a page from businesses that have already begun their analytics journey and analyze the impact on their business. Quantzig also offers advanced customer analytics, customer segmentation, behavioral analysis, and customer lifetime value analytics solutions to complement your contact center operations. Reach out to our experts for more information.

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