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05-Feb-2021 It's time to restart your organization with an absolute peace of mind

~ is a platform that automates COVID-19 daily health checks via text messages, emails and QR codes for employees and visitors. 


~ It alerts administrators in real-time with any potential health risk along with access to real-time reports. 


~ conducts health screenings remotely, and not at workplaces or campuses. The process of automation eliminates human error, keeping your employees and community safe. 

Las Vegas, US. December 2020: The impact of COVID-19 was massive, surprising, and abrupt. A considerable percentage of the global population was in shock and on lockdown. But now, many organizations are restarting, and proper precautions are mandatory. Most organizations are facing problems with current health check practices. It is not about what administrators of organizations do, but it is about how they do it. Glowing Inc. brings you a remote automated COVID-19 daily health check service called It automates health checks via text messages, emails and QR codes for your employees and visitors. 


It is a time for hope, but also for caution. As the world is all set to restart, we need a smart solution to conduct daily health checks and save our manual time. It is essential to check each employee and visitor to motivate them and ensure their safety. provides real-time visibility into who has and has not completed your reports. The data is easily accessible to the administrators to save their precious time. ensures all daily health checks are securely gathered online, and your organization is alerted in real-time of any at-risk situation. It also keeps your data private and safe. You can customize your online health check questionnaire and schedule when and whom to send it. The questionnaire will be sent daily to the selected people, and real-time alerts will be sent to the administrators. is the only automated health check platform that provides real-time alerts and visitor surveys on email and text messages. It has a user-friendly and customizable UI. It has transparent pricing of $0.15 per health check, making it an ideal solution for schools and other organizations with many employees and visitors. also has some other valuable distinctions. 

  • It has a simple onboarding process that gets you started in less than 5 minutes.
  • It has a 30 days money-back guarantee, and at the moment, provides a one-month free subscription.
  • donates 10% of all revenues to local charities.


The founders of Glowing Inc, Jasen Lew and Parag Arora, noticed that their customers have been facing operational challenges in mandatory safety practices. They used their messaging capabilities and a strong team to develop


"Implementing operating procedures that ensure checking the signs and symptoms of staff and visitors for COVID-19 will be crucial for the CDC's and other agencies’  recommended return-to-work criteria. provides an efficient solution using messages without downloading any apps to screen and monitor employees and visitors." - Parag Arora, Cofounder and CTO at Glowing Inc. 


Glowing Inc. was a part of YCombinator and has raised funds from Ignite Advisors and Mindset.




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At Glowing, we understand the power of personalized engagement between staff, brands, and customers. We believe that genuine communication creates closer personal relationships that, in turn, make more meaningful and happier lives.

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Last Updated: 05-Feb-2021