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What is Biggest Trend Currently Witnessed in Mass Spectrometry Market?

Due to the surging healthcare expenditure in several countries, rapid technological advancements and innovations in mass spectrometry devices, and the increasing concerns being raised over food safety, the global mass spectrometry market is predicted to exhibit huge expansion in the coming years. Many pharmaceutical companies are increasingly focusing on attaining good distribution practice (GDP) and good manufacturing practice (GMP) certifications, which is also fueling the growth of the market across the globe.

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In several countries, food contamination has rapidly become a major issue over the last few years. The presence of chemicals, pathogens, and toxins in food items causes food contamination and makes it unfit for human consumption. In the food processing industry, poor water quality is a leading cause of food contamination. Therefore, in order to detect microorganisms in food products and ensure food safety, the companies operating in the food and beverages industry are increasingly adopting mass spectrometry.

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Another major factor propelling the expansion of the market is the extensive utilization of mass spectrometry in numerous life sciences applications such as the identification of protein from a mass of peptide fragment, monitoring of enzyme reactions, protein digestion, chemical modifications, protein structure determination, absolute or relative quantification of proteins in a sample, forensic analysis, and the detection of disease biomarkers. Soaring research and development (R&D) activities being conducted in these application areas are further boosting the market growth.

These excipients are basically the key ingredients used in the pharmaceutical products for safeguarding the safety of patients. Organizations such as the European Fine Chemical Group, the International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council (IPEC) Federation, and the Pharmaceutical Quality Group (PQG) are formulating certification programs for excipient suppliers. On the basis of platform, the market is divided into single and hybrid categories. Between these two categories, the hybrid one is predicted to hold higher share in the market in the near future.

Hence, it is safe to say that the market would exhibit rapid advancement in the upcoming years, primarily because of the growing requirement for mass spectrometry in the food and beverages industry and their increasing usage by pharmaceutical companies for screening the impurities present in excipients.

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Last Updated: 10-Feb-2021