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Implementation of Advanced Diagnostic Procedures to Benefit Portable Ultrasound Bladder Scanner Market

Variances in measuring out residual urine volume utilizing conventional catheterization have come out with the implementation of advanced portable ultrasound bladder scanners. As conventional bladder catheterization can reason urinary tract infections (UTIs), further treatment is needed which transforms into higher treatment expenditure with time. Portable ultrasound bladder scanners have therefore come out as a reliable and cost-effective alternative in current years.

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Key Takeaways of the Market Study

  • Hospitals to stay the biggest end-user by attaining a market share of more than 60% all through the assessment period
  • North America is projected to be at the vanguard in market share terms.
  • Western Europe and North America hold close to three-fourths of the worldwide market value.
  • The APEJ regional market is anticipated to expand at a promising rate in the approaching years due to increasing demand from China and India.
  • 3D portable ultrasound bladder scanners are projected to stay majorly preferred all through the estimated period.

Increasing Demand for Non-invasive Bladder Scanning Processes

As per a study published in 2018 by the NIDDK (National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases), UTI’s holds around 8.1 million visits every year to healthcare providers. It is projected that every year, over 13,000 deaths occur are connected with UTIs and around 80% of UTI is caused because of catheterization called catheter-associated UTI. This has directed towards the rise in need for procedures that are non-invasive for instance US bladder scanning.

With the benefits of portability, the need for US bladder scanners is rising. Moreover, growing awareness among individuals regarding urological disorders and the rising number of patients for treatment adds to the growing need for portable ultrasound bladder scanner procedures. Therefore, expanding non-invasive painless procedures demand is likely to boost the market development of the portable ultrasound bladder scanner worldwide.

This portable scanner is an easy diagnostic procedure with high-end precision. The key benefit of these portable scanners is its non-invasiveness, cost-effectiveness, reliability, and portability.

These ultrasound devices are automated so it could be moreover utilized in the bladder biofeedback learning as well as supervising urinary incontinence after surgery. These devices with advanced attributes are gaining attraction amid patients and healthcare professionals, and the trend is likely to carry on at a moderate pace amid the assessment period. Therefore, the growing center on user-friendly diagnostic measures is likely to support market development throughout the assessment period.

Currently, due to quick regulatory clearances, a stream of novel products has got into the market on the heels of increasing demand for enhanced treatments for patients distress from urological disorders.

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Strategic Collaborations and Acquisitions Profiting the Market

Heightened center on collaboration and acquisitions amid companies to increase their product portfolio as well as cater to the requirement for the competent healthcare system is likely to boost the requirement for more effectual and progressed medical procedures, devices, and equipment. Acquisitions, throughout the years, have ensued in fortifying the leadership position of directing the market participants. Therefore, these strategies implemented by makers are likely to boost the requirement of the worldwide market.

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Last Updated: 12-Feb-2021