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SB3000 ApS has been awarded a grant from the Danish Innovation Fund, to further refine its continuous manufacturing enabling technology μLOT® which will revolutionise the production of medicines.

SB3000 ApS has been awarded a grant from the Danish Innovation Fund, to further refine its continuous manufacturing enabling technology μLOT® which will revolutionise the production of medicines.

·         μLOT® technology could reduce environmental impact of peptide medicine production by 100-fold.

·         μLOT® will provide an unprecedented quality control throughout the production process


SB3000 ApS solid phase, continuous manufacturing enabling technology has been awarded an Innobooster grant by the Danish Innovation Fund to further refine its ground-breaking technology and dramatically reduce the environmental impact of medicine production. SB3000 is initially focussed on peptide medicines where the existing batch process, on average, requires 4000 kgs of toxic solvents to produce one kilogram of medicine. Currently, about 1500 kg of commercial peptide is produced annually leading to use of >6million kgs of toxic solvent. This is obviously not a sustainable approach in the future.


The patented μLOT® technology is the world’s first enabling solid phase, continuous manufacturing technology to produce solid peptide synthesis of all sizes of peptides. The advanced technology includes a specially developed ribbon which incorporates sachets of resin. The ribbon which winds its way through the various stages of production is constantly monitored for quality doing away with the need for a quality assessment control centre at the end of the production line used in batch processing. In batch production up to 15% of all batches must be discarded due to quality issues. This is extremely costly involving the loss of millions of dollars of product and the costs involved in disposing of the toxic waste.


Zsolt Lavotha CEO of SB3000 commented, “We are pleased to have been awarded the Danish Innovation grant which is a recognition of the environmental benefits our technology will provide. This grant will enable us to further develop the μLOT® technology and the many benefits it brings to our clients in pharma and contract manufacturing. These benefits not only include dramatically reducing negative environmental impact and increasing quality, but also reducing capex by 50% and providing a flexible process which can be used for different medicines and which is easily transportable for on-shore production.”


The grant application was developed together with Innovayt, a European innovation finance consultancy who SB3000 partnered with on their soft funding strategy. Thomas Elmbæk Knudsen partner at Innovayt commented, “This was an extremely rewarding project as SB3000’s technology is truly innovative and could change manufacturing technology not only in pharma but in many other industries.”


SB3000, which has a research agreement with a large international pharmaceutical company and is in advanced stages of negotiations on a commercial agreement with a large European specialty pharma, is currently in it’s Series B financing round raising EUR13M to bring the μLOT® technology to the wider market.


About SB3000 ApS

Copenhagen based SB3000 ApS is dedicated to developing green technological solutions for continuous manufacturing in the pharmaceutical industry through the development of its μLOT® solid phase, continuous manufacturing enabling technology. The technology addresses the growing threat of environmental damage by significantly reducing the amount of toxic solvents used in the production of medicines. Initially focused on the manufacture of peptide medicines – a €47 billion segment by 2025 - the μLOT® technology can reduce the use of toxic solvents in peptide manufacturing by a 100-fold or more when compared with current state of the art batch production. SB3000 is planning to expand the μLOT® technology into several other pharmaceutical manufacturing applications in the future.

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Last Updated: 23-Feb-2021