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Pharmaceutical Packaging And Manufacturing Trends To Be Covered By PHARMAP 2021

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Packaging Congress (PHARMAP 2021) will cover the topics of cutting-edge technologies and digitalization in the Manufacturing and Packaging processes of the pharmaceutical industry. It will take place on the 28-29 of June 2021. The networking process between decision-makers of the pharmaceutical industry will be the major part of the Congress.

The participants will be represented by CIOs and directors of pharmaceutical companies, research and manufacturing directors, clinicians, IT project managers, heads from manufacturing and packaging pharma technology companies. As the Congresses’ motto is “Navigate the pharmaceutical world”, every participant will be able to make a journey through the sessions dedicated to manufacturing and packaging industry trends and modern solutions.

Increasing life expectancy, state of the economy, and level of health care in Europe are representing the achievements of several industries, one of those is pharmaceuticals. It is now the top-performing high-technology sector, which helps to maintain peoples’ health level by providing them with the synthesized drugs. 

For pharmaceutical executives, the main challenge is to reduce the costs of the manufacturing and packaging processes by optimization of the existing resources. At the same time, they have to maintain compliance with the safety standards to mitigate risk across the supply chain. This is why the PHARMAP 2021 agenda will be presented by the following topics:

  • New models for pharma manufacturing and packaging
  • Technology equipment in manufacturing
  • Key trends and new standards in pharma packaging
  • AI and digital development in manufacturing
  • Smart pharma packaging technologies
  • Manufacturing continuous production and its regulations
  • Personalized pharmaceutical packaging 
  • Outsourcing and external partnerships as a Strategic Manufacturing Approach

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Packaging Congress is the networking platform for top-management from pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, institutions, service companies, manufacturing and packaging technology providers, and IT companies. It is a place for experts to share their cases, exhibitors to showcase their solutions, and industry representatives to discuss pharmacology trends at the same venue.

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Last Updated: 26-Feb-2021