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Yicai: WHO Says Rich Countries Should Fulfill Their Promise of Providing Vaccines Fairly

BRUSSELS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--At present, The World Health Organization (WHO) is working hard to purchase vaccines through its COVAX to ensure that vaccines can be distributed to all parts of the world fairly. Secretary-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus accused rich countries of competing for various vaccines in large quantities, but few vaccines were delivered to underdeveloped countries.

Tedros said that some rich countries deal directly with manufacturers, and the number of vaccines distributed to third world countries through COVAX agreement is decreasing.

The head of the United Nations health agency said that after new donations from the United States, the European Union and Germany, some of the poorest countries received funds to buy some COVID-19 vaccines. But if there is nothing to buy, the money is worthless. Tedros urged rich countries to check whether their own agreements with pharmaceutical companies are undermining COVAX.

A charity organization co-founded by Paul David Hewson, the lead singer of U2, said last week that the G7, which is composed of the seven largest industrialized countries, other European Union countries and Australia, together purchased nearly 1.25 billion doses of vaccines more than the doses needed to vaccinate their entire population against COVID-19.

Tedros said: "In fact, some rich countries are approaching manufacturers to obtain more vaccines, which is affecting the agreement with COVAX. Only when rich countries respect COVAX's agreement can COVAX member countries get vaccines."

The first COVID-19 vaccine will be shipped from the end of February to the end of June 2021. About 145 economies participating in COVAX will receive 337.2 million doses of vaccines-enough to vaccinate just over 3% of the total population. According to COVAX, it is hoped that the proportion in poor countries will be increased to 27% by the end of December.

With the spread and variation of COVID-19 virus in some countries, the protective ability of existing vaccines will be weakened. Tedros pointed out that sharing vaccines quickly and fairly is essential to overcome the COVID-19. Governments, vaccine manufacturers and the international community need to take urgent actions to fulfill the promise of providing vaccines fairly.

He called on all countries to unite and help each other. Only by working together can we overcome the pandemic of COVID-19.

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